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Is Minneapolis completely overrun by immigrants? I always considered moving there.
But I dont want to go if it is like almost every city on the east and west coasts: overrun with Hispanic and Muslim immigrants
[b][u][center][big][quote]REAL AMERICANS ONLY[/quote][/big][/center][/u][/b]
51-55, M
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Mar 16, 2019
thedarkside · M Best Answer
Its time to deport them all then we won't have a problem
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Thanks for the best answer.
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So you are Native?
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katielass · F
[@623179,AMERICA1ST] Look, it's all they know, they're brainless twats. If they knew history, as they pretend to, they'd know that Native Americans were not the first people to live on this land. So, while they stupidly blather like slobbering infants about how we stole this land from them, they never have to think about who the Natives stole the land from.
AMERICA1ST · 51-55, M
[@120824,katielass] None of them have any idea about the theories of a pre-columbian black presence in the western hemisphere. There are those that claim that Africans were the first Americans
katielass · F
I believe every major city is full of illegals and/or muslims.
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