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Do you support the anonymous writer of the New York Times?
Oh yes! 馃憤
31-35, M
34 replies
Sep 8, 2018
TAReturns46-50, M
FeetAreFantastic36-40, M
Of course
That's like reading something from the National Inquire.
Seahawks452326-30, M
It was Pence wasn't it? #LODESTAR LOL馃槀
gobphus70-79, MVIP
The writer and his/her colleagues may be laying the groundwork for invocation of the 25th Amendment, which would require Pence and a majority of the Cabinet to send to Congress a written declaration that Trump is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. If that happened, a stooge of the Koch brothers would immediately replace the Orange Buffoon.
JovialPlutonian31-35, M
[@802821,gobphus] I just can't understand why some Americans still want him as president although he is obviously exploiting them.
questionWeaver56-60, M
Those that back the writer are part of the resistance.

A resistance with the aim to overturn the will of a duly elected President.

You join the company of Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth when you do.

The devil has higher appeal than joining those two.

Be alert
JovialPlutonian31-35, M
[@6757,questionWeaver] I'm happy with that and I know I'm not of the devil but one that recognises your system is outdated and corrupted, yes I am resistant to that which seeks to oppress.
questionWeaver56-60, M
Yes ... no ... you obviously do not grasp American behavior

Just a tip ... NSA records all this ... It is easy to get in their crosshairs

Discussing with Interpol, a little more challenging
JovialPlutonian31-35, M
[@6757,questionWeaver] that bothers me not only that I'm true to myself
Jmiller18-21, F
No. If you can鈥檛 sign your name it should go in the waist basket
JovialPlutonian31-35, M
They'd be killed if they weren't [@669568,Jmiller]
puck6156-60, M
I'm always happy to see pseudo libs out cinching the house for the republicans. People aren't as stupid as the arrogant educated idiots think they are. They pay attention and vote accordingly. Those aligning with the democrat party have been campaigning for the republicans like gang busters recently. Corey's theatrics have been noted. The obsession with race has been noted. The spin and twist and journalistic malfeasance has been noted. The failures of California and all pseudo liberal strongholds have been noted. The elitist snobbery has been noted, the waste of money and time over petty issues has been noted. The embarrassing emotional outbursts and violence have been noted. etc etc etc. As I have said. Reasonable and rational people will give this some thought and vote accordingly and there will be weeping and wailing and screaming at the sky! The black pajama outrage ninjas will be riled up again, and there will be lots of funny and depressing stuff on Youtube again. Thank you pseudo libs for the entertainment and strong partisan support!
puck6156-60, M
[@9972,JovialPlutonian] It's funny and fascinating when you stop and seriously think about the worlds collective agreement vs the word's collective disagreement. Individually, we are either predominantly collectivist or predominantly individualist , according to the imposed dynamic of our individual super egos. It's too bad we all can't individually see the futility of trying to interfere with everyone else's karma! If everyone could do that, we could all relax and do our thing, but instead, our passion can make us dehumanize each other and then the blood starts spilling over simple greed or a simple conflict of ideologies.
JovialPlutonian31-35, M
whats to say that what they're doing isn't their thing, their karma that they themselves are dealing with?
puck6156-60, M
[@9972,JovialPlutonian] Well, everything is karma and everywhere is dharma, but I was being a bit simplistic about it.
YES. The NYT says the source is reliable. In a time when ALL news media are "Fake News" I believe that they checked and made sure that it is. They had to know that "The s**t would hit the fan" once it was published and have covered their own butts.
Northwest56-60, M
No. He has no problem with the Trump agenda. The only thing this person objects to, is Trump's personality. For all we know, it's an attempt at a game of magical chairs. If Trump is impeached, Pence will be in, as Trump's more polite, alter ego.
I've found out who it is:

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