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Bill Gates: technocratic tyrant
Show me a liberal "do gooder" telling you he or she is going to do something to benefit the greater good of mankind and you most likely always will find a wolf in sheeps clothing. Looks like the poster boy for technocratic globalism, super geek Bill Gates is up to another one of his "greater good" of the world projects. This time it involves teachers, students and bracelets which monitor the classroom based on the inhabitants pavlovian responses.

The problem with Gates and similar people of his ilk is they think human beings are machines. Personal liberty means nothing to these power hungry pseudo liberal technocrats. It is all about operating under the guise of goodness in order to take away more freedom from people each and every day. The techno tyrants ultimate goal is a police state where every human being is monitored, where each response a person makes becomes predictable so the watchers can control the minions. Turning men and women into emotionless machines who are left to exist rather than live and dream is the end game of this new diabolical technocracy. A sick world and getting sicker.
51-55, M
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Mar 6, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago
Gates isn't a all.
therighttothink50 · 51-55, M
[@480835,BackInBlack] Gates is a new pseudo liberal techno tyrant. A fascist police state "progressive" who is always finding new ways to control people and destroy their ability to think for themselves. IMHO he is the worst kind of evil, the evil which hides under the guise of goodness and pretending to help people. His main objective always involves promoting a technocratic police state.
[@5571,therighttothink50] Uh huh. Is that why he gives billions to medical aid in Africa?
therighttothink50 · 51-55, M
[@480835,BackInBlack] What does his medical aid provide? Are the people in Africa more free or better off from this aid? Or are they enslaved and worse off then ever? Throwing money at something without any accountability solves nothing. Liberals live in a fantasy world where the only results which matter is feeling good about themselves. This is an unrealistic world.

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