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Have to love posts that say how biased the other side are and how none of them can ever form an informed argument.
Of course nobody on your side is ever like that馃槀. Maybe in order to hear and understand their argument you need better communication skills.
22-25, M
32 replies
Sep 10, 2017
sighmeupforthat41-45, M
oh honey, i have no sides.
thatscottishguy22-25, M
I have never seen any of your posts I don't think so I wouldn't know.
[@338462,thatscottishguy] You, clearly.
thatscottishguy22-25, M
[@539606,Sniper] me wit?
This is the internet, anyone can find some random to back up their distorted view of reality, and then cuss someone for having a different view. The art of debating is a lost thing.
UndeadPrivateer26-30, M
[@406205,Babylon] Not entirely lost, just has fallen to the wayside amidst the echo chambers these past couple years. Which is unfortunate.
This is what happens whenever you argue with an emotion driven, knee jerk reactionary liberal. And then the name calling starts when they realize they are losing the argument.
UndeadPrivateer26-30, M
[@539606,Sniper] You going to make some more quotes that don't even apply to the situation? 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
[@484088,UndeadPrivateer] Fail. Again.
Don't stop.
UndeadPrivateer26-30, M
[@539606,Sniper] I'm quite familiar with Cicero, though it doesn't seem like you are. It's a really hilarious quote to pull up. Unless you just like speaking in dead languages to try and seem more intelligent than you are, which would make some sense too. 馃憣
Peekaboo18-21, F
I see this a lot in religious 'debates'.
lorne1356-60, M
[@539606,Sniper] thank you, this is a perfect example of the big lie technique used by facsists trying to win by bullying bstead of using their brains
[@354891,lorne13] you cant even define "facist" without looking it up. You are a tool of your programmers.
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