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The camera isn't very good, so this really doesn't do her justice.
One of my kittens.
51-55, M
19 replies
Jul 12, 2019
So cute 馃挅
JimminyChristmas51-55, M
馃樃馃樃馃樃馃樃馃樃馃樃馃樃馃樃 Want one? I have eight. Very affectionate.
Meowsolini46-50, F
Awwww! So beautiful!!
Meowsolini46-50, F
[@470273,JimminyChristmas] Just lovely! She is a Seal Point Siamese?
JimminyChristmas51-55, M
[@353941,Meowsolini] She is a cactus patch colony kitty.馃樃 Mamakitty is a Tortoise color, and Papakitty is a very fluffy Siamese color. Her points are speckled with a light reddish gold and white. Mamakitty came to me a while back as a starving little wildthing.
Meowsolini46-50, F
[@470273,JimminyChristmas] Ahhhh! I've never heard of that before. She is just adorable!!
Mamapolo201661-69, F
She鈥檚 a beauty, bad camera or no.
JimminyChristmas51-55, M
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] Isn't that face adorable?! She is so sweet, super affectionate. She is also the runt, which just makes me love her more.
Mamapolo201661-69, F
[@470273,JimminyChristmas] She looks serene and composed - the quintessential cat.
JimminyChristmas51-55, M
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] I can carry her around with me and she just purrs like crazy while I go about my business. If I set her down, she waits like a little dog to be picked up and carried off again.馃馃樈 I think, maybe, I spoil her too much.
Soooo cute 馃槏 name?
JimminyChristmas51-55, M
[@960316,Awfullybrave] We call her Little MC, after her big brother, because she loves him, acts like him, and follows him around. She is such a sweet cat, extremely affectionate! Unfortunately, I can't keep her.馃槩 Four cats is already bordering on too many, and I have 8 very affectionate and BEAUTIFUL kittens.
She鈥檚 [b]beautiful[/b].
[@470273,JimminyChristmas] Is she a 鈥渢alkie鈥, like most Siamese ?
JimminyChristmas51-55, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Yes!! All of them are. If the kittens are laying in a pile when I walk in, they all sing together, one long meow to greet me.
Awww ! That is so cool. 馃槏
Carazaa56-60, F
So darling!

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