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Pets, Animals & Nature

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Mum and her little one
Two of my four friends that hang out outside my bedroom window on dusty. They are frog mouth owls and they aren’t frightened of me anymore, probably cause I feed them, lol.

16-17, F
9 replies
Dec 11, 2018
HalfBloodPrince · 18-21, F
I want one
HalfBloodPrince · 18-21, F
[@840947,ChloeYoung] theyre so cute.... seriously. I want one
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@369567,HalfBloodPrince] They love ground lamb chops 🙂 my mum often says, I thought I bought six of these, what’s wrong with that butcher, hahaha
HalfBloodPrince · 18-21, F
[@840947,ChloeYoung] 😂😂😂😂
ApolloCreed · 46-50, M
Oh yes lol, now they expect to be fed from now on ahahaha. They seem like good company
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@859234,ApolloCreed] There are mice and big insects everywhere around here if I was to stop feeling then. Plus I only feed them two or three times a week
That is so cool
ChloeYoung · 16-17, F
[@700497,PrincessJenJen] I love seeing them, they are so cute
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