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A cute fellow lover of blueberries to brighten things up for all of us having a hard time.
26-30, M
12 replies
Dec 6, 2018
CountScrofula · 36-40, M Best Answer
This is needed. Because today sucks a bag of dicks and I will have my revenge.
UndeadPrivateer · 26-30, M
[@624254,CountScrofula] Yes, yes it does. I second that sentiment.
Babylon · F
[@624254,CountScrofula] this ^^
Vivaci · 41-45, F
Riverman · 51-55, M
Hahaha. Cute.
Sharky86 · 31-35, M
Babylon · F
I love blueberries
Babylon · F
[@484088,UndeadPrivateer] when my kids were babies i would put a blueberry between my lips and feed thwm blueberries and kisses 😍

I miss those days
UndeadPrivateer · 26-30, M
[@406205,Babylon] !!! That's super cute. :D
Babylon · F
[@484088,UndeadPrivateer] it really is
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