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Catfish Exposed (click link, then scroll down to top reply)

[removed by staff]
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SW User
pardon me?
[@740518,OhLilly] He has way more than that.
SW User
[@372965,xxxxxx] I need a list to block all of them
[@740518,OhLilly] I probably only know of like 10% of them. I should really start keeping a list so I don't forget any.
Pineapple · 26-30, F
think i blocked em i don’t see shit from them
Dewms · 22-25
Is that bmc
Back in the day on EP bluemetalchick used to post all sorts of pictures of asian american women and would make it seem like they were friends and also pics of her. She also would post pics of some young scrawny kids, specifically 1 that had blonde hair, that she would say was her boyfriend. I always assumed that was the actual user. One time back on EP, I called him out in private message and basically he said that he knows the pics aren't real, and does it to mess with people. I am sure that he would deny all of this, but I remember it. There was also another profile he made, some asian girl with the name cinnamon in it. They were apparently friends in real life, and since the pics were all fake, with exception to the teenage boys, I assumed he made both accounts.
[@739319,throwaway12345] Yep. CinnamonKnight was the name of the other one. Photos of some pretty Asian girl with boxing gloves.

I never saw the pictures of the scrawny kid though. That's interesting.
Dewms · 22-25
[@739319,throwaway12345] thank you 😦
Who’s the fake? BMC?
[@527783,DemonDoll] Yes.
JarJarBoom · 36-40, F
Dewms · 22-25
[@21000,JarJarBoom] SPILL IT!
JarJarBoom · 36-40, F
[@63022,Dewms] 🤐
Dewms · 22-25
[@21000,JarJarBoom] jarjarrrrrrrrr I wanna know😲
SW User
She's been doing that since forever. She kept blocking and unblocking me on EP cause I'd told her I knew these were not her pictures.
SW User
DRAMA! Keep me updated on that shit pls 🍿
Really? Wow, but she seem authentic. She had an album of herself on Ep. I'm pretty sure it's her own picture.
[@707160,Random1Thoughts] I remember back in the old days of EP when she had an album of a different girl than the one whose photos she steals nowadays.
That's sad, I just read the whole thread.
SW User
These old guys will believe anything they are so desperate for a female
[@16215,Davida] true.. what’s funny is that they think the „hot young girl“ posting nudes is real..
SW User
[@527783,DemonDoll] They are so desperate they don't care if real or not
SW User
Can't wait to be exposed as a catfish too! 👀😋
[@584388,Littleboxofsecrets] Sorry was trying to eat and take medicine. What’s going on now girl? I’m super fucking lost.
SW User
[@605647,Nothingness] Holysmoke feared me summoning you with a comment about Fred. Lol. So I did😁 Enough bs here to be lost..
[@584388,Littleboxofsecrets] Honestly Holysmoke knows bad mouthing The Cure is the best way to summon me. Apparently I lose my fucking mind when that happens.
SW User
hey i cant see anything!!! who is it
wakanda4eva · 22-25, F
ruh roh...maybe it's a trolly comment?
SW User
Haha what?
not surprising. her terrible life stories seemed quite outlandish.
Are you sure it's a dude? From what I've seen, this person acts very much like a woman.
[@472983,CrazyMusicLover] How so?
[@372965,xxxxxx] I can't say what exactly it is that makes me feel it's a woman. Maybe it's her disinterest in other women or her style simply reminds me of certain types of "badass" girls I used to come across on the internet.

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