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Haunted Places

I Believe Ghosts or Demons Exist
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[c=004A59]Do you believe you've had a paranormal experience? If so, describe when and where you were when this happened.[/c]
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John01M Best Comment
Hi Vampyr. I was reading your replies to the previous poster, NotJamieM, and I have to say, I fully agree with your insights about how our thoughts/emotions play a big role in determining these experiences. Absolutely.

Actually I did have one unusual thing happen in the cemetery a few months ago.

I was resting on a bench (in the cemetery) looking in a certain direction up the road - dark cloudy autumn night, no light except for greyness of clouds above - when I saw a small, glowing pale white shape on the road about 20 meters away, zig zagging towards and across the road , and then just fade away - followed by a taller more human shape, glowing pale white figure, and that one disappeared off the side of the road, fading away. Glowing a pale white, both of them(!) I thought and I thought, and it really did look like someone was walking a small dog at night , the cemetery being a popular place for dog walkers you see, even just after nightfall. But the ones I see never glow pale white in the dark. Not even a person dressed in white would appear that visible at all, because I know, I've been in the cemetery at night many times.

So, that was it! 馃榿

('ve seen a lot of UFOs, dating back to childhood too, but that's another whole story. Thank you.馃檹)
[@1191483,John01] [c=004A59]That's a great cemetery story. Thanks for sharing. The way you described it, I saw the small dog and owner right away before you explained. I used to own a small dog who pulled and zig zagged just like that, which helped me to visualise.

You can also post about UFOs here, if you like. I added UFOs and aliens to the poll.[/c]

NotJamieM46-50, M
I was afraid of ghosts and all as a kid, lol. But after I got over that, as a teenager, I was lying in my bed once trying to fall asleep and rolled over and saw what looked like an indistinct figure standing over me. I kinda looked at it for a good few seconds and then turtled under my covers (like that would do any good). It never happened to me again but it was a pretty vivid memory and I never could find a way to dismiss it.

Oh yeah, and years after I left the house, my mom told me she was napping in that room when she felt the bed sink as if someone had sat in it, but when she opened her eyes, no one was there.
[@570785,NotJamieM] [c=004A59]Yes, I was wondering if perhaps because it startled you, you interpreted it as something dark and sinister. And by the way, I make no claim about what I saw.
It may have looked angelic, but I don't feel positive about what it was. Could have been the Devil himself for all I know. 馃槓[/c]
NotJamieM46-50, M
[@1217106,Vampyr] conceivably, it might have been something I wasn't even supposed to remember. If there are things that can manifest like that, stands to reason they could have other abilities. I often wondered if it would make another appearance, but it never did, at least to me.
[@570785,NotJamieM] [c=004A59]I've never seen anything like the childhood apparition again. I did have a "dream" or vision more recently about a cloaked figure with a skeleton face that spoke to me. He said, "Youre in bad shape, but E. is worse. I'll take her instead." I didn't think much of it at the time -- dismissed it as a nightmare, rather than an apparition. But when I saw the newspaper at the grocery checkout that evening, a celebrity with the same name as the person mentioned in my "dream" had actually died. So... I'm thinking this was what they call a paranormal nightmare, which means that the apparition isn't just a dream.[/c]
NotJamieM46-50, M
Wow, that's really spooky!
NotJamieM46-50, M
[@1217106,Vampyr] Poltergeist probably freaked me out more than any movie I've seen since. I think it was the first horror movie I ever saw, and it was in a dark theatre. But I think also the whole premise seemed a lit more like something that might actually happen than most movies.
[@570785,NotJamieM] [c=004A59]The concept of dream come true (new house for example) turning into a nightmare is what causes the lasting impression for a lot of us. At the time I saw the movie, I had a job that was rapidly turning from high hopes to disaster.[/c]
NotJamieM46-50, M
[@1217106,Vampyr] I can definitely see that. I think I was more impacted by the feasibility of the paranormal part of it and that the family just stumbled on it in their own home. I've seen a ton of movies about mutants welding chainsaws that get anyone coming into the woods, but that never gave me pause to hike deep into the woods or up a mountain by myself. The concept of it coming for you at home was a bit more disturbing, lol
lonelyloner26-30, F
I never believe in ghosts or demons , but do believe in spirits , good or evil spirits as my bicycle episode in HK still shocked me and will be shocked forever
lonelyloner26-30, F
[@1217106,Vampyr] may be you are right as i don't have much idea but i believe that when we think demon we always think a very ugly structure of something bad creature but evil spirits may not even a structure always our mind and not only in ugly shape , they can be exist in any shape looking good or ugly , when I was living in HK i brought an old bicycle from one shop which sold old items , first few days i feel nothing unusual but one morning suddenly i found my bicycle was not in there where i put that under lock and key , i asked my roommates , but they not able to answer suddenly i found it in just out side of the apartment but few minutes ago it was not there , i thought some one might took it and forgot there so not much curious , next day while i was on street with it suddenly and very unexpectedly i feel that someone might suddenly pulling me from behind and i was fallen on street as not much traffic there so no harm , after that again for two days bicycle disappeared and later i found it around , now i was surprised and locked it with a chain , next morning i found that chain was broken in to pieces and bi cycle was found in outside , it's shocked me again and the same day in afternoon while i was on my cycle towards market suddenly someone pushed me hard and i was terribly get off from that and narrowly escaped from fatal accident by a running van passing by a lot scratches and bleeding in my legs and elbow , now i started scared to ride on that but not told anything about it to others , after 2-3 days when my condition became a little better i went to that shop with that cycle and after a long and hard effort there i came to know from the son't of the shopkeeper owner that that bicycle the purchased from a family whose a family member died in a road accident while he was on his way with it , i returned that cycle to the shop and never turn back or think about it so long
[@10445,lonelyloner] [c=004A59]Thanks for sharing that. I'd never heard of a haunted bicycle before; your story is unique.
One of my favorite paranormal TV shows was called "Haunted Objects"; your story reminded me of it.[/c]
lonelyloner26-30, F
[@1217106,Vampyr] yea that shocked me lot after that a long i really not comfortable in riding bicycle a long always feel that some one might pulling me or pushed me , looked around always but never that happened again in any others , never heard about that show , thanx that my exp remind you about it
Lost66631-35, M
I have been choked and stalked by shadow people
[@1219589,Lost666] [c=004A59]Same. Are you having hypnogogic hallucinations?

I woke up one time punching the air, because I dreamed something came out of the closet and was strangling me.[/c]

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