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I Am a Meat Eater

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For dinner I thought I'd keep it simple and have just "rice and beans". It would be a rather large dish so it would have been plenty to keep me "nurtured".

However, as I started eating, my brain kept pestering me: "WTF? Where's the MEAT? What kind dish is this? Why is there no meat! Add meat! Sausage! Something!"

I didn't have any meat but one steak I was saving for another day. So I told my brain to suck it up, shut up and eat.

I couldn't stop thinking about all the types of sausage I'd like to have added, though, wondering what would have suited best... mmmmm...

Now I'm full, but quite unfulfilled, I'm "missing something", hate feeling this way...

51-55, M
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Jun 9, 2018
Unsatisfiedstace46-50, F
Oh man....I know that feeling.
sighmeupforthat41-45, M
Must be nice.....

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I Am a Meat Eater
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