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7th Birthday Week Fun.....And Other Things

Firstly, let me just wish my beautiful daughter, Hope, a H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y for today! She's all grown up at 7 now...


We set off from the Surrey Delta up North (ah....I love the North!) to Newcastle to meet up with Kaz's mum & dad...we'd not seen in 3D for many a month....spend some time together, picking up the tent, and doing the Camping thing (mine and Hope's first time, but Kaz used to go when she was a kid)...

Putting it up was easy....fairly nice weather too.....a few showers over the week but blessed in general....

Nice neighbours.....but they SNORE!

*Sigh* So.....good fun with the fam, either going for walks, me running whilst Kaz and Hope are on their bikes, or swimming....and we even tried a little archery!

Did the whole camping stove cooking, which I absolutely loved - I was chief cook for the week - and plenty of fun and games. Even went to the nearby pub for a meal and drinks a few times....

...but whilst everyone else slept soundly, little Sammy Jo did not! Not because of any creepy crawlies..a little because of the heat....but mostly that I could hear nearby people on the site snoring!

Saw the in-laws today, early, who gave out Hope's presents - which she loved! - and then drove back down....must have been a bit boring for Kaz, me being the co-pilot, as I slept a little (hurrah!) against the window...

Back home....home to Mulder (our cat, who has behaved himself with our cat sitter, i'm delighted to say), cup of coffee...a quick covid check for Hope (school tomorrow), which came up negative....and then we presented her with her present from us...

An electric guitar and amplifier!

Her screams gave me a headache! Lol! Suffice to say she's chuffed (British for very happy!) and, more so, that Kaz (who has been getting lessons) is able to teach her!

So....well on the way to being Steve Vai? Maybe...

Meanwhile...I thought that I'd say hi and maybe go for a quite lie down....


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LookingForTheSummer31-35, M
Happy birthday to her!!
SammyJo51-55, F
[@676876,LookingForTheSummer] Thank you!

MartikaDuponte136-40, F
Awww...sounds like fun, mum! Has she had a nice time?

M x
SammyJo51-55, F
[@672077,MartikaDuponte1] Yes, she's adored the camping and eating outdoors. The tent was massive and she thought it was like sleeping inside a balloon! Lol! She fell off her bike once or twice, scraped her knee, but never cried.

She's loving her presents. Thank you!


Happy birthday wishes to her.
Thanks for sharing this, Sammy.
SammyJo51-55, F
[@2939,arthurca] Thank you, Art!


SarahTheHooker22-25, F
Oh, bless!

Sounds like a heck of a week...and, with the exception of the lack of sleep, it sounds like you all enjoyed it! Good!

Making memories!

You get your head down and wish Hope a beautiful birthday from me too...


Sarah 馃拫
SammyJo51-55, F
[@460919,SarahTheHooker] It was!

Thanks, duck! 馃槝

Uncfred61-69, M
A full life, wonderful, in tune with nature even with clothes on 馃槂

Happy belated birthday to Hope, you seem to have lovely parents, and an electric Guitar to boot.

Go for the good life, you could do worse.
Uncfred61-69, M
[@1146285,SammyJo] That's several achievements in one, I still cant play in spite of several months trying, I am hampered by those silly things called "fingers", they just wont go where I tell them.
As for being a fan of your choice of artist, how more cool could the lass be.

I am presently saying with a wonderful "step" daughter and her 10 year old daughter, so much fun to be around, before going into the forests of Poland in three weeks time.

Wishing you a happy future with lovely memories and an amazing young woman, my best regards and respect.
SammyJo51-55, F
[@523681,Uncfred] Well, she has small fingers too....and, on Monday, she was a little tearful over sore, we talked about callouses and perseverance - shown her a youtube thing - and she sucked it all up! I was impressed. Her fingers are less sore now.

Steve Vai is just one of many artists that get played in the Duponte-Durose household....but nice to know she's not drawn to the super commercial throwaway-type music that some kids are....

Nice to hang around younger people....oh, and enjoy those forests!

Uncfred61-69, M
[@1146285,SammyJo] Yea, my life is almost idyllic, and after all these years. I feel empathy like I have never felt it. Its never too late.

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