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My friends tell me I'm a good singer but my dad says I suck at it and my brothers say don't ever sing again. What should I do?
I really like singing but whenever I try to sing, my dad says, "I advice you to do something else. Find a new passion. I gotta be honest sweetheart, you're bad at singing." I was shocked. My uncle said, "Oh no don't let Esmie (me) sing! She'll destroy your hearing." I knew he was joking but it hurt my feelings. My brothers tell me straight up that my singing sucks. One said, "Your singing is terrible. I rather hear a dog cry than you sing." My friends said I'm good. Why is my dad and brother discouraging me from singing? I have a cousin who is an AMAZING and they love her singing. Why are people talking about how bad my singing is?
18-21, F
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May 19, 2019
BiblicalWarrior · 46-50, M
If singing is your passion, and if you are indeed good at it, then don't let your family discourage you from it.
MotherlessDaughter01 · 18-21, F
[@915083,BiblicalWarrior] They always tell me I'm bad
BiblicalWarrior · 46-50, M
[@921684,MotherlessDaughter01] Sometimes families can be cruel. Here's a suggestion. If you have a microphone and camera hooked up your computer, record yourself singing and post the video her on SW, then let us decide if you are good or not. I am well-trained as a singer, having taken vocal music in grade 9, been on 3 church choirs and even the choir for a Christian crusade.
MotherlessDaughter01 · 18-21, F
[@915083,BiblicalWarrior] I guess
rckt148 · 56-60, M
Record yourself ,,actually hear what they are hearing
Sueisright · 26-30, F
Exactly that record yourself and you’ll soon see if you are good bad or average
lucyyy · 46-50, F
Singing is a learned skill and you can be great ! Don't listen to those people.

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