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Is it fair to have a favorite relative?
One of my aunts says I'm very special to her. She admitted that I'm her FAVORITE niece in the whole world. She loved me ever since the day I was born, besides my parents. When I refuse to get out of the house she won't take no for an answer when she wants to take me out somewhere. She loves all her nieces and nephews but she said I'm her favorite outta all of them. My dad says I'm very special. I am so not special. Is it because I have a disability? Why are people with disabilities called special? I am autistic.
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May 5, 2019
Platoscave · F
Yeah people say that to ausuage their consciences and because society walks gingerly over the subject of disability.

Its great to be loved but like all favoritism it is a two edged sword.


My parents said that to me all the time in greeting cards.

I also gave them hell all my life.

They thought there was a LOT wrong with me, yup.

And actually, there still is. But I'm nothing special.

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