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The moments that make life worth living
22 replies
Nov 15, 2017
rowena · 26-30, F
[c=#4C0073]"lose" not "loose" .. just saying[/c]
Mordimoux · 26-30, M
[@26363,rowena] They could have meant "loosen". 🤔
betweenfatandfit · 22-25, F
your daughter and you have an sweet relationship, can you still recall the day she was born and you first held her? Bet you feel blessed to have such closeness now.
iMystery · M
[@455213,betweenfatandfit] I was not there when she was born. She is not my biological daughter. But I held her for the first time when she was about 3 weeks old... I wrote a post about about as week ago I think.
betweenfatandfit · 22-25, F
[@475466,iMystery] Well it takes more than blood or a last name to make a family. It seems like you two are very fortunate to have each other and remain with such a strong bond x
iMystery · M
[@455213,betweenfatandfit] You could not have said it any better... The part about blood and a last name.
pete11 · M
worth not with ...just saying
GypsyMiss · 36-40, F
[@340862,pete11] I'll take your word for it.
pete11 · M
[@9370,GypsyMiss] men are right sometimes hey
GypsyMiss · 36-40, F
[@340862,pete11] 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kaitlyn · 41-45, F
Very nice now take good care of her.
iMystery · M
[@425698,Kaitlyn] Always
GypsyMiss · 36-40, F
Awesome 👌🏼
iMystery · M
[@9370,GypsyMiss] That is not who you may think it is.
GypsyMiss · 36-40, F
[@475466,iMystery] awwww😒
DoodleBugg · 46-50, F
Awwww these kind of posts warm my heart and make me smile. Thanks for sweet. ☺
Babylon · F
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