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I Regret My Past Actions

You hear about married women leaving their husbands to sleep with women and some women have kids and then decide they prefer women , I know as I had a friend here who left who wanted to be with another woman but couldn’t leave her husband , well I regret spending years of my life trying to force myself to like men. I couldn’t accept the fact I only liked girls so I constantly tried to change that and all the way through it I felt sick and uncomfortable and I knew something wasn’t right but I went through four boyfriends and loads of online chatting and Deep down I actually didn’t like it at all. I would even make up stories about having sex just so people at school wouldn’t notice or my friends. I tried so hard to stop liking women. At age 11 I didn’t want to admit to myself or others that I wanted to sleep with my female french teacher the one I wrote love letters to. Or even the fact I liked being in bed with my best friend to the time I was sexting other women. I didn’t want to disappoint Anyone or loose my friends so I tried to change myself and I spent years unhappy whilst trying to make them happy. But now I’ve learnt to accept myself well a lot more than I could back then. People are starting to be really open and accepting about it now.
chuck7882 · 56-60, M
You have to be who you are no matter who likes it or doesn't like it
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
I have known a lot of men and women who have switched then switched back. Strange how that works.

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I Regret My Past Actions
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