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Which do you prefer, popular music or relatively unknown music?
31-35, M
26 replies
Feb 11, 2019
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Dan193 · 26-30, M
Well, since usually the good music gets pushed up...
Deadcutie · 13-15, F
[@14565,Dan193] no, it’s all about promoting, because there is a lot of shitty music that gets put in the top 100... and there are little no named groups that produce songs far superior that never even see the light of day...
Dan193 · 26-30, M
[@526516,Deadcutie] I feel like in today's age, if you got a good product it's not that hard to get it out, with the internet and all.
Deadcutie · 13-15, F
[@14565,Dan193] but you’ll never compete with the ones pushed by record labels.
Watch the episode of Adam ruins everything about the music industry
Dan193 · 26-30, M
[@526516,Deadcutie] I underatand that record labels have more power, but at the same time, if you go with a good song to a recod label, they'd take you, if they see in it potential. And I doubt I'll have time to watch that anytime soon.
Deadcutie · 13-15, F
[@14565,Dan193] well you’d rethink that if you saw it.
It’s all about kissing ass at the right time and place. There really isn’t much rhyme or reason why one gets signed and one doesn’t
You can get an album of fart noises on the top 100 if you know who ass to kiss
Dan193 · 26-30, M
[@526516,Deadcutie] What about that Puth guy and the Mendes one, they seem like they appeared out of nowhere, also Sam Smith, those were people that really had good songs which got them the spot light.
Of course there are stars like Justin Bieber and One Direction that are pretty much a brand within itself. It's obvious that they get/got pushed up artificially, but there are so many that rose on thier own. Also that youtube girl that makes music, and has like a couple of really popular ones.
I mean 21 pilots!
Deadcutie · 13-15, F
[@14565,Dan193] there are exceptions, again, the right ass to kiss at the right time.. for every 1 that make it, a 100 fail and in many cases their music is superior to the one hit wonders that get signed.. you hit it right on the head.. marketing.. in many cases the music doesn’t even matter , half them singers you mentioned don’t even make their own music.. it’s what they can market to 13-15 year old creaming girls. In 5 years you’ll be going puth who?
Dan193 · 26-30, M
[@526516,Deadcutie] I don't really like Puth's songs, but people say he's good, also his songs were in the top charts, so I added him to the list.
Also that ass kissing applies to pretty much everything. I used to work with a guy one summer and he was really....I wouldn't say charismatic, because he seemed like an asshole from the side, but he was liked by people he interacted with, especially girls. And he had like this 'favourite phrase' that he'd tell me frequently as an 'advice', well it went something like this: "Kiss ass now, because someday somebody's going to kiss yours" xD It's silly, but it worked for him.
Deadcutie · 13-15, F
[@14565,Dan193] listen to those 3 songs I posted earlier by hive riot. U will be hard pressed to not believe none of those songs charted and yet you can’t help but wonder why not.. they are superior in every way to a dozen releases that bought their way into the charts on name recognition, or they are pretty boys/girls for everyone to drool over
Dan193 · 26-30, M
[@526516,Deadcutie] That first story though xD And yeah, I agree, they sound like could easily be in the tops as well.

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