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Do you like this song?
41-45, F
15 replies
Mar 5, 2018
SW User
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
[@595492,Heartless] It's good, isn't it? :)
SW User
[@532584,Bootsiebaby] indeed
Oh yes!! It seems like we both enjoy the same music
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
[@328405,Mondayschild] I heard that one on the radio today. When I come on SW I like to share the best songs I hear on the radio.
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
It’s one of my favorites 😊
SW User
Love it ♡_♡
DrRock · 56-60, M
Absolutely, yes!! Can't stand the Club Nouveau cover of it. Made a mess of an awesome song.
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
[@25440,DrRock] The station I listens to plays music from various eras including the 80s. They play melodic music of various genres as long as it's pleasant and easy on the ears. They don't play noisy, strident music like heavy metal or punk, but they do play soft rock like Bryan Adams, that kind of thing. They also play a lot of soul music, which is what I'm into.
DrRock · 56-60, M
Every Saturday morning I stream a 4 hour internet radio show. The first hour is classic funk, soul, and R&B.
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
[@25440,DrRock] I don't bother with Internet streaming, I just switch the radio on or else play a CD when I get home. We have a radio on in the cafe where I work and they play a lot of soul music on it, among other genres.

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