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I Say the President Is Doing Just Fine

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41-45, M
22 replies
Oct 9, 2019
Zonuss36-40, M
Ha. Another desperate Trumptard. Sorry nobody likes your President sir. 馃檪
Bigwill7541-45, M
[@322117,Zonuss] I do don鈥檛 matter if you like him or not
Zonuss36-40, M
[@914046,Bigwill75] Oh please. You want people to worship Trump. Its not gonna happen.
Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. 馃檪
DonaldTrumpet70-79, M
[image=] YeaHZ anZ TheMZ KuRdz BE TurDZ. Go USA
Miklee0246-50, F
OhKelsey18-21, F
[image=]Your typical 'great' American
Lackwittyname46-50, M
[@1001706,OhKelsey] Funniest thing is all of those products are made in China
Budwick61-69, M
[@1001706,OhKelsey] Kelsey - that's YOU in 30 years!
Now, go jump off that bridge.
Pherick36-40, M
The cognitive dissonance is mind-blowing.
BlueRain46-50, F
You are right!!!!!
DonaldTrumpet70-79, M
[@468906,BlueRain] HuneyZ is THEZ KuRDS reALLy TuRds?
BlueRain46-50, F
[@467787,DonaldTrumpet] 馃槝
DonaldTrumpet70-79, M
[@468906,BlueRain] I ThouGHTS u WuDS aGree HunneyS. Keeps MericaZ GreatS anZ Whitez
BlueRain46-50, F
These negative comments are infantile. Lol
DonaldTrumpet70-79, M
[@468906,BlueRain] [image=]
Pherick36-40, M
[@468906,BlueRain] The fact that he needed to post that picture was pretty infantile.
BlueRain46-50, F
You are funny!
luckranger7146-50, M
Budwick61-69, M
I'm with you BigWill!
Best president we've had in my lifetime!
Two questions:
1. What specifically has [i]he[/i] accomplished?
2. What has changed in the last 2.5 years that has bridged the gap between 鈥渢otal disaster鈥 and the apparent greatness that has now been achieved and which warrants his reelection to maintain?

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I Say the President Is Doing Just Fine
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