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Erotic Story - Millie and the Isle of Culebra - Part Two

The following story is for adults only and should not be read by or shown to anyone under eighteen. All characters in my stories are over eighteen and above the age of consent. As with most of my stories this one is mostly F/F, so if that’s not to your taste please don’t waste your time.

It will be in multiple parts, not sure yet how many

Millie and the Isle of Culebra

Part Two

Emma pulled from under the bed one more item, it was a ten inch long black mahogany wooden penis replica, polished to a superb smoothness with straps at the back which she started fitting on herself then she took from the table next to her bed a jar filled with scented oil which was also an aphrodisiac and dipped all of the wooden penis inside it.

She then got on the bed, put her hands behind Millie’s knees and lifted her legs up, over her head and spread them, then tied the straps on her ankles to the same chains her wrists were tied, now Millie was bent double, her hands and legs tied together and spread helplessly open for the enjoyment of Emma.

Millie was now perfectly restrained and slowly this brought to the surface her hidden fantasies, in which she was always the maiden in distress in a strange land controlled by forces more powerful than hers. Slowly Emma brought the penis to the entrance of her pussy and with a smooth push the penis started sliding in.

Millie threw her head back and cried out," Ahhh No, it''s too big please stop." But it kept sliding inside her deeper and deeper until it passed the limit of anything she had had before and still went much deeper. "Ahhh, it's big it's hurting me, it's too deep, take it out pleeeease."

But Emma was having none of this, she started moving in and out like a man and the scented oil started burning all over inside Millie's pussy making her want to skewer herself on the cock to stop the delicious burning sensation. Slowly her protests became moans of pleasure and Emma bent forward and between kisses on her victim's mouth said to her.

"Isn't this much bigger, harder and better that any man ever offered you?"

"Owww, yes but it's burning me." "But you love it that way don't you my honey, and youwant it to go deeper and faster." "Ahh, no... yes.. uhh yes." Yes what." "Yes please," Millie was starting her first lesson in submission..

"Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you or I will stop." "Nooo, don't stop, please don't stop." "Then tell me." Millie was now going to use language that in all her posh upbringing had never uttered and was considered the language sluts and whores.

"I...I want you to uhhh fuck me." "You want to get fucked slowly like a lady or hard likea slut." "Nooo , not slowly, fuck me hard, fuck me like... like uhh a slut."

So Emma started riding her harder and harder and Millie’s passion and want grew stronger and stronger and Millie felt herself being engulfed by an ecstasy she had never known before, she was ready to say anything and do anything Emma told her.

"Do you like being fucked like a common whore, you little fuck slut?" the politeness now leaving Emma's voice and her true self surfacing. "Ohh, mmm, yes it feels good," Millie moaned. "Do you feel like a whore now, you dirty slut, does it feel good, her voice becoming harsher. -Uhhh, yesss, yesss, I feel like a whore, and... and it... it feels soooo good.

Do you want to feel this way all the time, feel like a whore?" "Yesss, it feels sooo good... like a whore." "So you would like to become my whore to feel this way all the time, slut, would you like me to turn you into my whore, slut?"

"Unnnngghh," Millie was ready to have an orgasm of amazing strength, "yesss, do anything you want with me, make... make me your whore." And with those words said she was overcome by an orgasm shat shuddered and shook her body and then she passed out in blissful unconsciousness

Millie started coming out of her deep sleep feeling strange, she slowly realised that her arms were still stretched over her head and tied by the wrists to something above her, her body was immersed up to her breasts in a pool of warm water with a light mist on its surface, there was someone else in the pool, another pretty dark featured girl and she was administering a washing with a soft sponge over her body. The girl saw her wake up and spoke to her in an
unfamiliar language.

"Where am I," asked Millie, sleepily. But she could not understand what the girl was saying, then she felt herself being pulled upwards and more of her body exposed out of the water so the girl could wash it. After a while she was raised some more and as the girl started washing her pussy, she looked down and saw that all her pubic hair had been removed by wax, she guessed as there was no trace of it whatsoever.

"You are being prepared for your first customer, my dirty slut," she heard Emma say and turned her head and saw Emma sitting in a comfortable armchair and the marble edgeof the pool. "What customer?" asked Millie, now slowly coming awake.

"Last night you asked me to make you my whore, so now you are one and you are going to earn me good money, we'll prepare you for your first visitor of the night, yes you have been sleeping all through the day."

"You can't make me your whore, I'm English." "Yes that's what makes you so valuable, it is very difficult to find white skinned whores, but one as pretty as you is impossible, but now you belong to me so you must accept the inevitable."

"What have I let myself into" thought the helpless Millie, as she was now lowered on the marble floor next to Emma, "nobody knows where I am, I could be here for a long time and nobody will miss me." "Is there no way we can find an arrangement so you can set me free?" She asked Emma.

"You don't yet see your position clearly," said the harsh woman, "you have no say in anything, you have no rights, you are just a beautiful body, nothing else and you will be used constantly."

Her arms were being lowered now and pulled behind her back where they were tied, still protesting, a leather collar with diamond studs was placed around Millie’s delicate neck and a long golden chain attached to a ring on the front of the collar, then the girl took the chain and pulled on it for Millie to follow her.

They entered a room of extraordinary luxury where there was a dressing table with every sort of cosmetic article available at the time. In front of the table was a large mirror, the girl sat Millie in front of the table and started combing her hair, after a while Emma joined them and directed the girl how to make up her new whore. For Millie all this seemed unreal, asthough at some time she would wake up and be far away from this place, but her Mistress’s voice brought her back to reality.

"The woman who has paid to have you tonight is the wife of a diplomat, mostly she wants to fuck you, but with a little twist, you'll soon see, she will have you for two hours, then you will rest for a bit and then the wife of an local businessman will have you for another three hours, she is a nasty bitch, I don't think you will be up to much after her, so I left the rest of the evening for you to recover, now let's finish here, you first customer is already waiting."

Millie was made to look like a doll with very red lips and her nipples powdered, she now walked behind her Mistress, following the chain pulling her and trying to remember the instructions her mistress had given her, they were very simple, never look at anything but the floor in front of her, never speak unless spoken to, and always obey everything without question,

Any thought of insubordination would be severely punished and if she entertained thoughts of escape she would be thrown off the cliff into the sea, nobody ever knew the real source of Emma's income. Millie would never wear any clothes other than her bonds and she would always walk barefoot, as every part of the castle was heavily carpeted.

They entered the familiar large sitting room and an older heavy woman was waiting for them. When she saw the whore Emma was leading with the chain, her face became contorted with pure lust. She talked with the mistress in a language Millie did not understand but the content was obvious, the heavy woman, in her early fifties, took the chain from Emma and started leading the poor slut away, and Emma said to her new whore. "You will satisfy her in every way she wants or suffer the consequences."

The woman led Millie in a large heavily furnished room, there she undressed and pushed Millie towards the bed and made her lie on it, then she started kissing her breasts and feeling her body, " How will I ever go through this" thought the poor confused Millie, "She is so large and so hairy." Then the woman moved down to her pussy and started eating it hungrily.

Against her own will, Millie's body began for one more time betraying her and she started feeling the first stirrings of desire. The heavy woman was now also moaning and feeding deliciously on Millie's pussy, kissing the inside of her thighs and then licking her all the way down to her feet. Then after a while, she stopped and turned Millie on her stomach,licking her from the back of her neck, slowly all the way down to her arse.

Then she put her hands on Millie's big arse and slowly spread the cheeks apart, looking hungrily at her pink anus. She brought her mouth over it and started licking it slowly. The helpless Millie had never been paid attention to that part of her body and the sensations at first were mixed but as time passed she felt herself aroused more than she had while the woman was paying attention to her pussy, and she started moaning softly.

After a short while, the heavy woman stopped her ministrations and grabbed a handful of Millie's hair from behind her head and pulled her up, then walked her over to a low heavily padded rectangular couch. She pushed her clothes to one side and told Millie to lie on it, then she came from the side and lifted from each side two wide straps of a leather belt, brought them together over the small of Millie's back, just above her big arse and tied themtightly together.

Then she brought Millie’s arms together behind her back and tied them with some leather straps to the same belt, then went behind her and put her hands on the inside of Millie's thighs and pulled them wide apart and pushed them against the legs of the couch and started to fasten the wide leather straps that were attached to the legs of the couch. A strap went around each thigh just under her arse cheeks, another went around each leg above the knee, then her legs were bent and her ankles were fastened to the straps under her arse cheeks.

The helpless Millie was now totally immobilised and felt helpless to stop the heavy woman from doing anything she wanted to her, yet in her present predicament her desire to be submissive started once again surfacing making her involuntarily quiver with anticipation.

Then the heavy woman dipped her fingers in a jar next to the couch, full of liquid and started massaging the bound Millie's anus. Slowly she inserted a finger in and Millie cried out in protest, but the finger kept going in and out lubricating the hole.

When the heavy woman was satisfied, she went to a small cupboard, opened it and inside was a large selection of ladies toys, she selected a large realistic replica of a penis, nicely shaped and strapped it on herself ,then walked back to the bound Milliel and said somethingto her but she was not understood. She then smeared cream from the same jar over all of the large penis, and positioned herself behind Millie. She grabbed her beautiful arse cheeks and spread them and placed the head of the phallus squarely on the pink anus.

End of Part Two. I guess you are getting bored, time for me to give up
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Star1 · F
Noo carry on 😊
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1006166,Star1] Thank You honey, it's nice that one person liked the story, if I bother to continue it I'll send it to you privately. No point in continuing if people don't enjoy them. Thanks again Jayne
MarieUK · 31-35, F
13 views and only 2 likes , I can't believe it, well done your writing is really good xx
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1183708,MarieUK] obviously 11 people didn't agree and that's fair enough everyone has different likes and tastes and I respect that but thank you so much xx
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
Don't give up...please finish
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@27773,PTCdresser57] part four the final part will be posted soon
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
I must be blind..Jayne...I can't find it
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
Is there a part 3?
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@27773,PTCdresser57] if you go to my profile page its the third or fourth story down
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
I was there but will go look again Jayne...ty
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@27773,PTCdresser57] Check your messages

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