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Erotic Story - Millie and the Isle of Culebra

The following story is for adults only and should not be read by or shown to anyone under eighteen. All characters in my stories are over eighteen and above the age of consent. As with most of my stories this one is mostly F/F, so if that’s not to your taste please don’t waste your time.

It will be in multiple parts, not sure yet how many

Millie and the Isle of Culebra

Part One

The sailing vessel finally made it to the pier of the port of the island of Culebra, to the immense relief of it's passengers. Among them was Millie, a beauty, even by anyone's standards. She was in her late twenties, and shockingly unmarried,

She was 5 ft 4 with the face of an angel, beautiful upturned English nose, sensual pink pouting lips, high cheekbones, stunning light blue eyes and long thick wavy hair that was this rare mixture of light brown with red and blond streaks and it reached down past her shoulders, but was now piled up under her hat.

Her body was perfection itself, small delicate shoulders, with a narrow ribcage and breasts that were surprisingly large for someone so slim, they were now held in the reinforced iron grip of her strong bra, but when let free they hung just slightly low on her chest, enough to make any man's mouth water (and a few ladies too), with her light pink delectable nipples needing just the slightest provocation to become hard. Her waist was slim but at the hips her body expanded, shaping into a large firm and beautifully curved arse, as though sculptured, with big firm soft skinned cheeks. Her legs were what we call pretty; they were beautifully curved in the thigh and below the knee, ending in perfectly shaped feet.

She was arriving in Culebra to collect her thoughts and try to find for her own sake some logical explanation of her behaviour with her English lover; she needed the isolation this island would offer her.

She had been introduced to this tall English aristocrat two years ago, in the hope of her relatives that she would get married but things took a different course. The passions that burned inside her and which she tried hard to hide had somehow been released in the hands of this man and finally finding it impossible to resist her beauty, he had seduced her and although he had the reputation of a powerful lover, he had been alarmed and scared by her wantonness in bed.

At some time he had decided not to marry such an hot woman but to satisfy his kinky desires he had wanted to be next to her while someone else was using her body, so he started insinuating such a triangle but she rebuffed his attempts, until one night when she had aglass of wine too much, they ended up in his bed more by force than her own free will and as his friend was mounting her lover with lust, would ask whilst lying next to her, if she was enjoying it.

At first she protested, but as the night wore on, the feeling of being helpless and the dominance of her two lovers had taken over her senses and she had acted sopassionately reaching multiple orgasms that had left her drained. After that she felt so ashamed of herself and wanted to break up with him, but could offer only meek resistance when it happened again and again and again, until one day her lover had to leave on a trip and she had found the chance to calm down and decided to collect her things and travel to some secluded place to collect her thoughts and examine her feelings.

Disembarking from the vessel and reaching her hotel had been an adventure in itself, but now she had reached her room and thankfully there was that huge bathtub filled with hot water, she started undressing and when naked she slowly immersed her body into the now so welcoming water. She was unaware that a pair of eyes was watching her through a concealed hole in the wall facing her. As she relaxed in the tub, her hands wandered over her body in a sensual way, images of her fantasies flashing through her mind, slowly her left hand rested on her pussy and her right covered one of her nipples " No I shouldn't play with myself again" she thought, "I keep doing this a lot lately," but her long slim fingers closed over her clit and nipples and soon she was moaning, lost inside her secret fantasies.

"This woman is amazing," thought the person watching behind the wall, "not only she is unbelievably beautiful, she needs to be made what I want to turn her into."

The person thinking these thoughts was an olive skinned woman in her late forties, with a full body, not fat but the kind of shape found in the Islands. She had dark almost black eyes and black hair cut just over her shoulders. She had a straight and hard mouth, just as she was hard and ruthless and more than a little bit sadistic. She was short but with nice legs anda round belly.

Her spies at the port had always reported to her if there was any new pretty woman from far away disembarking alone, there was great demand in the caribbean islands for such women by lesbian queens and dominant dykes to add to their harems, and they would pay fortunes for them, but none had ever arrived as pretty as the one she was watching, but she would not sell this one, she would keep her in her own private house on the far side of the island and the girl would earn her a large fortune. "It got even better," she thought. " not only has arrived alone but does not seem to know anyone here, I must now set up my trap for her."

It was evening now, and Millie was sitting in the first class lounge of the hotel where young servants were moving fans overhead to cool the room, she had ventured outside for a while but it had been filthy and crowded and she thought maybe it was a mistake to come here.

Then an olive skinned lady dressed in the local dress approached her and said " Hello Miss Millie, welcome to our island" she was dressed in the way the affluent people dressed and had gold rings on her fingers, "My name is Emma and I found out your name from theBritish man over there (a thoroughly nasty and corrupt man), I am usually asked to chaperone lonely ladies that arrive from England."

"Why that's so kind of you, said Millie, please sit down and tell me what there is to see on this island." "The best thing you could do is to allow me to invite you to my mansion on the other side of the island and from where you can feel the fresh breeze of the sea, listen to some local music and try some of the local delicacies."

"I would love to do this, you are so kind, when could we do this?" "Now, if you want, my carriage is outside and the evening is still young." "Alright then let us go."

Emma could not believe how easy this had been, once she got this beauty inside her mansion, she would make sure she never left it again. The ride was slow until they got out of the town, then the road twisted and turned in the countryside until they reached the far side on the island and true to Emma's word a huge mansion, more like a castle stood at the edge of a cliff below which was the sea. They entered through large wooden doors and when thedoors closed behind them with a loud clang, Millie, felt a shiver go through her, as though there was a sense of finality that came with that noise. They entered a very large sitting room with large comfortable chairs and soon a pretty female servant with olive skin like hermistress and large eyes, always looking down, came in and lit a small burner next to Millie, then she threw some incense on the charcoal producing a heavily scented blue smoke, then she left and reappeared with a tray of local coffee and some sweets.

"Take deep breaths of this incense young lady, it will make you relax somewhat, it is one of the customs of our hospitality," said Emma. Millie inhaled the smoke and truly after a while she felt light headed, then Emma offered her a cup of coffee and when she had finished it, she offered her some more, little did Millie know that both the smoke and the coffee were laced with powerful aphrodisiacs.

After some time she felt herself getting hot and there was a familiar wetness in her loins. As they talked and time passed she became increasingly disorientated and now her pussy was running it's secretions freely.

"Is something wrong, sweet lady," Emma asked. "Uhh, I feel sort of hot and dizzy," the young English girl answered. "Why don't we go to my room and have you lie down for a while, maybe it's the heat of the island that's affecting you."

She led her to the interior of the castle, into a huge bedroom with an equally huge bed with high bed posts at its corners. Millie was now feeling so hot she had started to develop a light sweat on her forehead and her pussy was now so active her knickers were soaking wet, shewas resisting an urge to play with herself again.

"Let me help you take your clothes off, young woman, you are burning up," and Millie did not offer any resistance as Emma started undressing her. When she was down to her underwear she tried to protest but Emma told her they were both women so she shouldn't be shy.

Finally she was completely naked and she lay on the bed, but by now her senses were completely confused and she did not notice that Emma was also undressing. Then,through the haze of her mind she felt her arms being lifted over her head and something was being tied to her wrists.

"Uhh, what are you doing to me," she whispered through the haze she was in now. "Nothing sweet lady, just making you ready," said Emma. "Ready for what," Millie whispered again.

"You'll see soon, now just lay back and rest." And with those words spoken, Emma finished tying the padded leather straps around Millie's wrists and then tying the rings on the straps to hidden chains on each of the bedposts.

Now Millie's arms were spread open over her head and firmly tied. Then Emma made her move, she started feeling the young English woman's body enjoying the silk like texture of her skin, the softness of her breasts and then brought her mouth over one of the nipples which was now fully erect and sucked on it.Millie sighed and offered a meek protest saying, "Ohh, what are you doing to me, we're both women, you are touching me like a man."

"No honey," Emma said, "no man can touch you like I will," and her mouth closed over Millie's mouth and kissed her deeply for a long time. Millie tried to offer one more meek resistance but by now the aphrodisiacs she had consumed had taken her overcompletely and she opened her mouth and returned the kiss.

While Emma was kissing her, she thought "This slut not only looks pretty, she tastes nice too, I'm sure her pussy tastes like honey," and she started to move towards Millie's pussy liking everything in her path until she reached her clit and closed her mouth over it.

"Oooohhhhh, that feels so good" Millie sighed and spread her legs more.

Emma moved from her pussy downwards licking the inside of her legs until she reached her ankles, then removed from under her bed two more leather straps and wrapped them around Millie’s ankles and tightened them, then she started licking her up to that delicious pussyand it took only a few more seconds of sucking to bring Millie over the edge of one of the most powerful orgasms she ever had, she threw her head back and cried. "Ahhh, I'm cuming, uhhhh it''s so ahh strong," and with those words her whole body convulsed in the spasms of ecstasy, as Emma licked up her juices hungrily.

When the waves of her orgasm subsided, Emma kissed her on the mouth and said to her, you are such a lovely woman, but you have many unfulfilled desires, and I know what they are. "Uhh, what are you saying," the helpless Millie moaned. "You need to be dominated, used and abused, to be treated like a slut, don't you little lady?" "Nohhh, I... I am not uhh... like that," moaned Millie."We'll see soon, but remember you will get what you asked for."

End of Part One, not sure if to continue or too boring? You decide
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Definitely continue
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1006166,Star1] Thank You that's kind of you but only one person liking this story isn't motivation to continue it. If I do I'll let you know, thanks Jayne
Star1 · F
[@607256,JayneA] aww
MarieUK · 31-35, F
Transported to somewhere in Colonial India or even China whilst reading the opening passages, well done 👌
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1183708,MarieUK] Thank You that's very kind of you
tornado · 56-60, M
Please continue it is so exciting
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@596269,tornado] Thank You I'm glad you are enjoying it so far

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