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Erotic Story - A Tale from The Academy - Part Two

The following story is for adults only and should not be read by or shown to anyone under eighteen. All characters in my stories are over eighteen and above the age of consent. As with most of my stories this one is F/F so if that isn’t to your taste, please don’t waste your time

Two Part Story

Part Two

"I-I'm sorry," I said, feeling rather inadequate for the situation. "It was for the best," Miss Carm said sharply, her tone reverting back to her traditional briskness. "It was cancer and it would have done no one any good for him to linger." I carefully set the picture back on the counter. There were others I didn't really see a blur of ancient black and white faces; a young couple standing in front of an old Bentley with an old house in the background; a young woman dressed in full English riding gear accepting a golden trophy at an official ceremony; and a few others.

"Sh-shall we get down to business?" I asked bravely, feeling a strange desperate need to change the subject. The room felt much smaller, and Miss Carm was much too close to me. I wanted to run away, to get some fresh air.

"Certainly." Miss Carm pointed to the coffee table and I saw with a squirming stomach that it was covered with a collection of crops, straps, whips, canes, and even a thick wooden paddle. My consternation must have shown on my face because Miss Carm laughed and pushed past me to pick up a thick leather tawse, it's end split into several tails. "We have quite a selection to work through, Erin. Shall we begin with this? I don't know if you haven’t tasted the tawse yet, but it is exquisite."

I shook my head. What was this? She was making this sound like wine-tasting. Surely she didn't expect to use all of those dreadful items on me?

But indeed she did. We began with the tawse. She made me stand up straight and tall with my hands held straight above my head. Then she whipped me three times on my buttocks and three across the back of my legs. "Exquisite" she called it. Well, it certainly was a distinctive fire. It wasn't the deep bruising of the cane, and while it had some of the sting of the crop, it went much farther, its width and tails striking a larger area with each stroke. I howled and wept immediately, unprepared for such a burning. Miss Carm giggled. "Why, Jayne, you are carrying on so one would think you were a novice to such punishment. Perhaps we should return to the crop you seem more comfortable with that."

"Y-yes, Ma'am," I said, though I winced as I thought of the crop crashing into my blistered bum. These I bent over for, grabbing my ankles and holding on for dear life. They came quickly and without pause, six across my arse and six across my thighs. This pain was more familiar, and though I gritted my teeth and wept bitter tears I did not scream out loud.

"Much better, dear Jayne," said Miss Carm in an ordinary, pleasant, friendly voice. It was as though she was commenting on my riding, or how well I'd walked a horse in a circle.

"Have you ever felt the American paddle?" She put down the crop and picked up the wooden board. I shook my head miserably and wiped tears from my eyes. "Let's do a test, then. Come across my lap." She moved my clothes off the chair and seated herself and I draped myself across her lap. It felt strange lying there like that. It was an intimate embrace, of sorts, and strangely comforting. Yet I was filled with apprehension and nervousness. My legs pressed against Miss Carm's strong thighs and I felt a pang of jealousy for her slim figure--my own bottom felt huge and thighs monstrous. I could feel her palm pressing against my bottom and it felt good across the welts from the crop.

Then the softly rubbing hand was removed and a cold wooden board pressed against me, its weight threatening, its size and hardness promising severe pain to come. Cold, irrational terror gripped me and I could not help but whimper in dismay. There was a soft explosion and my arse ignited with fire. Again and again it came, waves of heat swarming through my body. It was amazing, like nothing else I'd ever felt. The cane is unbelievably intense within a very narrow range. The paddle, on the other hand, warms the entire bottom. Even with all the padding I had back there it soon felt like every inch was beaten raw. I was sweating and moaning and sobbing huge tears into Miss Carm's clean cushions.

I bucked and wiggled and thrashed about but everywhere I went that paddle found my buttocks and blistered them soundly. It was devastating. There was nothing I could do to escape it. I was overwhelmed with pain to the point that I could barely feel it, but just the sound of that heavy board whacking against my bare flesh caused a fresh explosion of sobs from my soul.

"There. That's a well toasted bottom," said Miss Carm in a pleased voice, her ice-cold hand quickly passing across my steaming arse. I moaned and cried and lay limp, exhausted, my body glistening with sweat. My bottom was so sore I could not stop weeping.

"Oh, Ma'am, please, Ma'am! I'm sorry I ran into you at the shop and was so rude. I'm very, very sorry! It will never happen again, I swear! Please, Ma'am, I've had enough. It hurts, it really, really hurts!"

"But we haven't had the cane yet!" exclaimed the woman in astonishment. "Surely you don't want to miss out on the cane!"

"Please, Miss Carm," I moaned pitifully. "Not the cane. Not now." I struggled to my feet and turned and knelt before the woman, grasping and kissing her legs and feet. "Please have mercy. Please."

The lady frowned slightly, and licked her lips. "Well, somebody's got to get the cane. It's not a proper thrashing without it. If it's not you, I suppose it will have to be me." With that she stood and walked to the centre of the room and kicked off her shoes. While I watched with my lower jaw dangling open like a broken gate, she slipped off her gray slacks and her blouse. She stood before me in a white brassiere and a pair of full cut white knickers with her hands on her hips and an expression of annoyance."Well?" she asked. "Are you coming? The canes are there on the table. I think ten should be enough." She motioned toward the table and my eyes traveled to my choice of slim brown rattan and bamboo canes. My hands began to tremble."Miss Carm! Y-you can't be serious"

But as I turned I saw that my teacher's white knickers were now gathered around her ankles and she was bent at the waist, her legs straight, her naked arse pointing at me. "Come on," she said gruffly, her voice slightly muffled coming from between her knees. "Hurry up and let's get this over with. Or I'll give you the cane. It's your choice."

That solved my indecision. There was no way I wanted any more punishment today. I quickly went to the table and selected the longest cane, a slender piece of solid bamboo. I could tell from the feel that ten with it would be excruciating. Miss Carm's bottom was very beautiful. She was slender and fit and her bottom was full and round, with a deep cleft. Though her legs were pressed tightly together, her sex peeked out at the base of her arse. I looked away from it, embarrassed at my teacher's exposure. The skin of her bottom was a flawless alabaster I hesitated to mark. Without thinking I reached out and caressed the smooth cheeks. In a few moments this silky flesh would be covered with purple welts pulsing and swollen. The thought made me shiver, and yet, as I imagined how Miss Carm's rump would look after the caning, I began to desire to see it for real. I saw the gentle curve of her buttocks into her thighs and I thought, "A thick weal right there would serve her right!" I was astonished and a little horrified by my sadistic thoughts.

There was little time to ponder this, however, as Miss Carm was growing impatient. I stepped back and lifted the cane, bringing it to just touch the woman's bottom as I carefully aimed. I'd never caned anyone before, but as I was familiar enough with the concept from the other end of the stick I figured it shouldn't be too hard to learn.

The cane whistled through the air. There was a soft loud crack! as it connected. Miss Carm tensed slightly, and then giggled. I saw there was barely a red mark on her bottom. I'd have to swing it much harder if I was going to make a dent in her arse.

Swish crack! Much better. That time she went up on her toes a bit and even gasped slightly. Swish CRACK! Even better yet. She grunted at that one, and a solid red line across both cheeks though a bit crooked was testament to the pain.

Swish CRACK! Swish CRACK! Swish CRACK! Very quickly I became a proficient caner. I used my intimate knowledge of the caning process to pick my spots well, and though I didn't always hit exactly where I aimed, I could tell it was enormously effective when I did.

After ten strokes Miss Carm's bottom was quite red and striped. She was not crying or protesting, however, but only moaned occasionally and swayed from side to side and wiggled her hips.. When she slowly rose I saw her eyes were glistening with tears.

"T-that was very well done, Jayne. Reminds me a great deal of my father. You will make a fine teacher someday."

"I'm not going to be a teacher. I'm going to be a TV star" Miss Carm smiled at me though her face was still strained with tension from her beating. "You can be whatever you'd like Jayne. I won't argue with a girl holding a cane!"

I still had the cane in my hand and threw it on the table as though it was a poker burning my palm. "Are we finished, Ma'am? I asked. Miss Carm nodded. "Yes, I think you've suffered enough for one day. Do you agree you've learned your lesson?" "Yes, Ma'am!"

"Good. Then let me get my coat and I will walk you back to The Academy." You have more lessons to come next week!
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tornado · 56-60, M
Lovely that the student got some revenge
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@596269,tornado] Thank You I'm glad you liked the little twist
strictlyconfidential · 61-69, M
I really liked the change of roles... an excellent story, very well written.
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1087767,strictlyconfidential] Thank You I'm glad you enjoyed it especially the twist at the end
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
Loving how this story is going.
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@27773,PTCdresser57] That's good I'm pleased you enjoy my little stories

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