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New Erotic F/F Story

The following story is for adults only and should not be read by or shown to anyone under eighteen. All characters in my stories are over eighteen and above the age of consent. As with most of my stories this is F/F so if that isn’t to your taste please don’t waste your time

Mistress Eva’s Story

Well, Jayne. You have been somewhat moody with me lately and that is really not what I would expect from my favourite slave!
As it is a nice, warm, evening I am going to wait until it gets dark and take you outside for your punishment.
Into the woods, I think. I know just the place where we will not be disturbed and no-one will hear you, so come on, Jayne, hurry up or I will smack that cute bum of yours so hard it will make your eyes water.
I am glad to see that you are wearing the thin, loose, shorts and t-shirt I told you to put on, along with trainers.
You are a sexy little thing aren't you.
We only need to be a little way into the trees, don't want it too dark now, do we and I know where there are some trees quite close together that I can tie you to. Mmmmm........
Ah, here we are, give me your hand so I can loop this soft cord around your wrist. Come on now, there are plenty of thin twigs I can whip you with if you don't do as I tell you!
That's better, I will tie both your wrists to the trees and make you keep your arms above you head. Now, lift your foot so I can tie your ankle, that's it, now the other.
You do look appetising with your hands and feet tied to the trees. Like a big X. Not too uncomfortable I hope.
As I run my hand up your inner thigh, try not to wriggle too much, it will just make the cords tighter and I don't want to cut off your circulation.
Mmmmm.....Jayne, no knickers. How thoughtful. Your pussy is already soaking wet and open for me to touch as I slip my hand up the leg of your shorts. How hot you are inside. My finger is so deep inside your pussy and you grip me so tightly it makes me want to make you cum.
NO! Not yet! That would be no punishment at all! Now, suck my finger and taste your own juices!
If I didn't know better, Jayne, I would say you were enjoying this. Look at your nipples, poking stiffly at the material of your t-shirt, maybe I should pinch them!
Like this, Jayne? Harder perhaps? Squeeze them tightly and maybe twist and pull them a little?
How does that feel?
If I stand behind you I can put my hands up, under your shirt and squeeze your breasts and your nipples and maybe I will bite your ears too. Not too hard though, I don't want to hurt you too much.
Maybe I will just nip the lobes a little with my teeth and maybe let my tongue play a little inside them while I massage your breasts.
You know, Jayne, standing here behind you and seeing your bottom covered in such thin, transparent, material with your legs held wide apart is making me very, very horny still need to be punished. Your buttocks feel so soft and warm beneath my palms as I squeeze them. I think it is time I took a closer look.
I will crouch behind you and then I will get a good close look as I slowly pull your shorts down to reveal your luscious bottom, separating the twin globes so that nothing is hidden from my gaze.

So, you offer me your bottom do you? To do with whatever I will?
Well. As I am here, behind you, my face so close to you, I will examine you closely and decide what I will do.
My finger running between your labia is very lubricated! You must be turned on already just wondering what I will do. You smell so clean and yet I can smell your excitement as I lean forward to kiss your exposed anus, BUT WAIT! This is supposed to be a punishment! I must not get ahead of myself so I will stand and smack your bottom hard, with the flat of my hand.
Mmmm...I have left a print of my hand in red on your buttock. Did you like that, Jayne?
Did it sting and then become hot and make you tingle inside? Maybe another on the other side? two red hand prints. Your buttocks feel so smooth as I run my hands over them to soothe the heat and pull them apart, stretching the skin between, making your bum hole open and pout seductively. I will squeeze your buttocks hard as I stretch you open but now I will release them as you have something else I want to play with first, something hot and very, very wet that also needs to be punished.
I need to get rid of these clothes and you will see, I have some scissors. Your t-shirt cuts very easily, Jayne, and it didn't take long to remove. Hmm, these shorts also have to go, there, that's better, now you are naked, save for your trainers. How does it feel to be so naked and helpless, the warm night air on your tethered body?
Oh, I see. judging by how wet and hot you are inside, I think you must be enjoying my little game.
Well, a few light smacks to your pussy might change that. Or will it, Jayne? Do you like to have your naked, helplessly open pussy, smacked?
Not too hard but enough to turn your lips pink and sting a little.
Jayne! Do I detect a dribble of moisture running down your inner thigh?
Another smack, I think and here is one on your breast and another the other side. A few more? your breasts are pink too.
I am behind you again and I see that the two hand prints on your buttocks have turned a lovely shade of pink. Do you like the feeling of my lips on them, Jayne, do my kisses feel good there.
What about my tongue on your crinkled hole as I stretch it open again and allow the tip to play gently but firmly around the puckered opening and dip a little inside?
I will lubricate my finger inside your hot pussy. Mmmm, very wet. Now two fingers. So much moisture. enough to lubricate that other, tighter opening that tastes so nice on my tongue.
Well, now that I am down behind you again and two of my fingers are deep inside your pussy what will you do, what will you feel as my tongue enters your tight puckered hole?
You taste so sweet but that hole needs more than my tongue, Jayne so now how do you feel as I push first one and then two lubricated fingers as far into your bottom as they will go. Very deep, Jayne, stretching you as I push hard into you. how about three fingers Jayne? Will it stretch that much? Does it hurt as my third finger joins the other two inside you. will you cry out? If you do, is it in pain or ecstasy? I think the latter. I think you enjoy a little pain. Not too much but just a little as I withdraw my fingers and then push them back inside. In and out, Jayne, pushing, pulling, stretching, relaxing.
Now that you are relaxed back there, Jayne, I have something special for you, a nice medium sized butt plug, which I will push deep inside you and it will stay there until I finish with you!
I believe there is another place which requires my attention now.
Let me just look in my bag, ah yes, A nice big vibrator. It looks just like a penis, Jayne, only bigger!
Do you hear it buzzing? Can you feel it pressing on your clitoris? Can you feel the sensations as I rub it up and down between your pussy lips? Maybe if I let the tip just a little way inside.....there, is that nice?
Oh, to hell with punishing you Jayne! I'm going to make you come. I'll turn the button up to full and push it all the way inside you. Can you feel it against your cervix? Stretching you wide open. You cannot fall, Jayne, not whilst you are tied to the branches and you cannot close your legs. You are helpless and naked, Jayne, with a butt plug in one side and a vibrating penis in the other.
Now, I will stand behind you and press the plug into you with my body whilst making love to you with the plastic penis. All the time I will kiss your neck and nip your ears and rub your clit.
Come for me, Jayne, come hard, you know you want to.
Good girl. You enjoyed that didn't you?
I will untie you now but your punishment is not quite finished. I have a little surprise for you.
I will release your feet but your hands will be tied behind your back.
Now, I have untied your feet but I have just realised, I didn't tell you to bring more clothes. Oh dear, now you will have to go home naked.
Come along then, Jayne, off you go.
Oh, stubborn eh? Well perhaps a nice whack with a long stick will make you move.
Mmmm, that red line on your bottom looks so sexy.
No running now. Walk slowly across the car park to my car and get in. Good girl. I don't think anyone saw you but who knows.
Here we go then, out onto the main road. Do you like sitting naked in my car? Feeling the warm leather of the seat against your naked flesh?
Oh look, Jayne. We have stopped at the traffic lights next to a bus and that middle aged woman there is looking right at you. She must like you as she is smiling. Open your legs and show her everything.
Do you think she likes watching me massage your clit and finger your pussy as we wait? Do you like to have a stranger watching me do it to you?
Oh dear, the lights have changed. I was going to ask her if she wanted to come and touch you. Oh well, Jayne, another time perhaps.
Ah, here we are. Outside your house. Do you think any of your neighbours will see you getting out of my car naked?
Where are you going? Not that way, Jayne. You are not going home yet, oh no!
This way, come on.
Do you recognise this house, Jayne? Across from yours?
Let's knock on the door.
Ah, a light, someone is coming. There, you know Helen don't you?
She told me you like to watch her and she has seen you peeping at her and her husband. She is going to punish you for being such a naughty neighbour. Do you like her black stockings, Jayne?
What about her black bra and knickers, do you like those too?
Turn around, show her your butt plug. Yes Helen, of course you can touch it. Jayne is here for you to do whatever you want with her.
Isn't that right, Jayne? Anything at all!
You see, Jayne, Helen knows about punishment whereas I am only a beginner so I am going to let her punish you and assist her should she require it.
So, let us follow her upstairs to her attic room. How do you like being so close to her bottom as we go up the stairs? Do you like the way she wiggles it for you.
I like the way your butt plug moves as you walk as I follow you up. I think I will play with it a little as we go. Pull it out a little then press it back in. Keep moving, Jayne, don't make Helen wait.
Mmmm.....Jayne! Do you like Helen's room? She has prepared it well for you. I see many toys and straps for your punishment.
Yes, Helen, of course I will help you tie her up. I will tie her left wrist to this strap which is hanging from the beam here and you do the same to her right.
Oh, I see. That is what these little floor rings are for. To tie her ankles to.
Kiss you, Helen? of course I will. Ooh, certainly in front of Jayne. She can watch while you and I search each others mouths with our tongues.
I didn't know you had a strap-on, Helen. Yes, of course you can use it on her. How?
Mmmm, Helen. I don't know if she can take that. You will have to remove the plug first.
Jayne, Helen wants to put that in your bum! It looks big. Do you think you can take it all?
I will tell you what I will do. First, I will warm your buttocks with Helen's paddle. The wide leather should get you nice and warm and with that plug still in place you will be able to feel each stroke right inside you.
Oh, wait. I had better gag you first. We don't want the neighbours hearing.
Thank you, Helen, the ball gag is ideal.
Open your mouth, Jayne, whilst I place the ball inside. Good girl.
Now, the first smack. and another on the other side. One on the pussy too, I think and two more on each buttock. Are you warm now, Jayne? I think you are. Your buttocks are quite pink now and your pussy lips are too.
Yes Helen, I think she is ready now. Make sure you use plenty of lube in there. That's right, make sure you get your fingers right inside her bum. We do want that to slide in easily after all.
Now then, Jayne, push you bottom out to give her access. If I smack your pussy again you will do it, won't you.
Helen is very gentle with you. I think she likes you. Can you feel it pushing into your back passage? Stretching you wide as she pushes in?
Do you know. I think I will play a little with your pussy while Helen pushes in behind.
My, my, my, you are wet, Jayne! My fingers slip so easily into you. Can you feel them. I can feel the dildo knocking my fingers as Helen moves inside you.
I think three fingers should do it. Pushing them hard and fast, in and out. The juices are really flowing now, Jayne. Is this punishment teaching you a lesson or rewarding you? I am really not sure.
As you come I am going to kiss Helen again only this time you are between us. We are going to kiss over your shoulder so that she will have to push deep inside you if she is going to reach my lips.
Helen's lips are so soft and moist. I bet you would love to kiss her wouldn't you.
Well, if you take your punishment well, maybe later she will let you kiss her.
Oh, come now, Helen. If you are going to pinch her nipples, do it hard. Yes, that's better.
Don't make her come yet. That is part of her punishment!
If she is good, I will make her come when you kiss her. Now take that out of her and let her relax a minute!
My next part of your punishment will not hurt at all. Well, not physically anyway.
Helen, put the plug back into Jayne's bottom please. Yes, that's right, inflate it a little more. Thank you.
Aren't you going to thank her Jayne? That's very rude. Of course you can smack her Helen, she deserves it!
Now, come round in front of her please, Helen, I want her to see what she cannot have.
I like to kiss Helen, Jayne. She has such a sensuous mouth and kisses so sexily.
Do you like to see our tongues intertwine as they dip into each other's mouths?
Watch now, Jayne as I remove Helen's bra. Doesn't she have beautiful breasts. Mmmm, see how hard her nipples are.
Do you like the way I bite and suck them? Look at her pretty face. I think she likes me licking and sucking them.
Now I am removing her knickers, Jayne. Ooh look. Shaved and smooth.
Helen, face Jayne while I open your labia. Do you see the moisture, Jayne. Do you see how my finger dips easily into her wet pussy?
I like how she bends her head back to kiss me as I stand behind her and play with her.
How do you like to hear her moan and not be able to touch her, Jayne? I can touch her. I can slip my finger into her pussy, can you see?
Would you like me to open her for you? Like this? See how wet my fingers are!
Turn around now, Helen. Show her your bottom.
Doesn't she have a beautiful bottom? If I separate her buttocks for you, you can see her tight puckered hole. Would you like to touch it, Jayne, oh no, you can't, can you. Well, I can. See?
My finger presses against the tight ring of muscle, gently teasing it's way in. See how she grips my finger as I push further in and stretch her open for you to see?
Her bottom looks nice framed in her suspenders and black stockings. She is a beautiful woman, Jayne, shall I make her come while you watch?
I will open her pussy for you. Look at how pink her pussy looks as I hold open her lips for you. I see you are very wet but I am not going to touch you yet, Jayne. I will let you squirm and pull at your straps but you will get no relief until I am ready to give it to you. That is your real punishment!
I will take this dildo now, Jayne and use it to make Helen come, right in front of you. I will push it deep into her pussy and pump it hard, in and out of her and at the same time, push my finger deep into her bottom. I bet you would like me or her to do that to you.
Mmm....Jayne. She is coming. Hear her moan and look how much moisture is pouring from her pussy. Maybe I will let you taste it! Or, maybe I won't, Haha!
Yes, ok, I will let you taste Helen's moisture. Open your mouth and suck my fingers and now the vibrator. Does she taste nice, Jayne?
Mmmm....yes she does but it is so much nicer taking from the source, drinking it directly from her pussy, let me taste yours to compare flavours.
My, my, Jayne, you are very wet aren't you! My fingers are soaking now. I shall push them deep inside you and stretch you open. Look, Helen, come and see Jayne. She is so wet! Taste my fingers, Helen. I will put them back inside her and collect a lot of her moisture on them then Jayne can taste herself! Would you like that Jayne? In fact, if I push two fingers into Helen at the same time you can try both flavours together.
Try not to gag, Jayne. I know I have pushed my fingers right to the back of your throat.
Helen, please spank Jayne hard then after we will make her cum!
Finally Jayne, it will be your turn. I hope you are enjoying your punishment.
When I have finished with you, you won't be able to stand up!

Well, now it's time for a good spanking, Jayne. I hope you are ready because this is going to really hurt. How do you like the feel of the cane brought down hard across your buttocks? One, two, three......ten. Now you have bright red lines on your bum. I think maybe some on your breasts too. Some of the strokes just catch your nipples. Does it hurt, Jayne? Finally, I think I will use the leather strap on your pussy, make it nice and red for the last part of your torture.
Take her down gently now, Helen and tie her hands behind her back, that's right, now kneel down Jayne and put your face on the floor so your bright red bottom is up in the air....lovely!.
I like how open you are, you can hide nothing now. Finger her bum hole, Helen, two fingers and don't be gentle! You seem to like that, Jayne, pushing yourself hard against Helen's intruding fingers!
Now lick me! Push your tongue into me! Do you like the smell and taste of my pussy? Mmmm....yes you do.
Taste me, Jayne, lick up my juices while Helen fingers your bum.
Yes Helen, of course you can lick her and finger her pussy, do whatever you want.
Push the dildo deep into her bum if you like! As deep as you can.
Do you like having both your holes penetrated whilst licking mine, Jayne.
I suppose you must, for it seems you are about to cum. Let it go, Jayne, Helen will drink everything that pours from you as you reach your orgasm.
Wasn't that nice?
I will untie you now and we three can lay together in each other's arms, just so you know, Jayne, although you are my slave, I do love you.
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helen69 · 46-50, F
wonderful story
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@386405,helen69] Thank You so much that is very kind of you. It makes it worthwhile when people enjoy the stories

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