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New Erotic F/F Story - Part Two

The following story is for adults only and should not be read by or shown to anyone under eighteen. All characters in my stories are over eighteen and above the age of consent. As with most of my stories this one is F/F, so if that isn’t your thing please don’t waste your time. This is a three part story so you probably need to read each part in order

Part Two

The lady of the house stood her up and started unbuttoning Suzy's blouse while she struggled to keep her tears in check. Anna's mother pulled off her blouse and placed it on the bed next to her, leaving Suzy wearing only her black bra.

"I suspected as much. A proper lady would have hair down there," said Mrs. Cain pointing at Suzy's bare pubes.

Suzy blushed some more and placed her hands over her crotch. She had just shaved a few times and hair simply didn't grow down there for her easily. In fact, there was no visible stubble and Suzy looked as though she never had any hair down there at all.

"Turn around!" ordered Anna's mother and Suzy complied meekly. She gasped when she felt her bra being unstrapped. Mrs. Cain tugged it off and Suzy was standing before her naked as the day she was born.

"Come on, we need to continue your punishment," said the older woman and pulled Suzy over her lap again. Suzy was wide eyed with surprise. She was hoping that the spanking was over

"Oww!" Suzy yelped as a sharp slap landed on her big tender bottom.

"Owww! Please... Yeoww!" yelled Suzy as her pink buttocks slowly turned crimson.

While the spanking continued and Suzy yelped, the door opened and Anna walked in. She was pursing her lips together as though trying not to laugh, and her eyes twinkled mischievously. She had a good look at Suzy's naked body as she lay over her mother's lap.

Suzy was surprised to see that Anna didn't look all that pretty without her heavy makeup, and her face had a plain quality about it. She was still chubby, and she still looked older than 17, but there was nothing remarkable about her. Suzy would have kicked herself if she could as this girl just wasn't worth the trouble she was in.

"Yeow!" yelled Suzy as a particularly sharp spank caught her. She started to struggle a bit more now as the pain and humiliation became harder to bear.

"See, this is what I'll do if you bring girls over here," said Mrs. Cain as she scolded her daughter. Anna was sitting in a chair and watching proceedings with a fair amount of interest. She didn't reply to her mother but grinned cheekily at Suzy.

Anna, for her part, loved this. She knew Suzy had been pulling away from her earlier in the night but that had just made her even more curious to see her naked. Now the older girl's cute perky 32C breasts were swinging free as she struggled and her unusually large round arse was bare and red from all the attention it was receiving. For a girl as short and slim as Suzy, these were interestingly prominent charms. Despite their conspicuousness,

Suzy's exposed delights were sexy and alluring when exposed the way they were. Anna covered her mouth to stifle a giggle as she looked at the amusing expression on Suzy's face.

Suzy glared at Anna angrily and wished this girl couldn't watch her punishment. It was terrible to be seen naked by this mischievous little fiend.

Additionally lying over someone's lap made it hard for Suzy to cover up much as she needed her hands to keep her face from slamming into the ground. She knew she needed to think of a way out. However, the girl's mother didn't give her much time to contemplate.

"Take that you bad girl!" exclaimed Mrs. Cain as she unleashed a series of whacks from a leather strap on Suzy's already bright red cheeks.

Suzy yelled and hollered, kicking her legs up in the air as she struggled. She completely forgot about the view she was presenting to Anna now.

"Stay still or you'll get much worse," threatened Mrs. Cain and hit the inviting round cheeks even harder with her leather strap. Suzy immediately tried to calm herself down and stopped kicking, although she still yelped as she took the spanking.

Finally the humiliating spanking stopped and Anna's mother pulled Suzy to her feet. "Stay here, I'm going to set something up," said Mrs. Cain before getting to her feet and walking into the adjoining bathroom.

As soon as her mother was out of sight, Anna stepped up to Suzy with a mischievous look in her eyes.

"Oh, I've been dying to see you out of those clothes, sweetie. What's your name?" asked Anna with a wide grin on her face.

"Suzy," she replied curtly.

"I'll call you Slutty Su for short. That big fat arse of yours looks so nice and round baby doll," cooed Anna, still grinning widely.

"Oh shut up. I wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for you," replied Suzy, rolling her eyes. She hated being called 'Slutty Su'. This silly girl had got her into more trouble than she had ever bargained for. Suzy was always self conscious of her big round bottom, which was constantly being made fun of by her friends, siblings, and even her own mother. She did every exercise she could possibly find to try and shrink it, which included a daily routine consisting of running for an hour, give or take. While this kept her body trim and slim, it seemed to do nothing for her arse and only served to highlight it and make it more prominent.

Oh my God, this is soooooo hilarious! I can’t believe you're all naked like this and getting spanked like a little brat. You look like such a loser, said Anna with a giggle. "You're so funny and cute when you're naked and embarrassed; it took all my willpower to not burst out laughing at you.

What do you mean? asked Suzy. She tried to keep calm despite her steadily rising anger.

"Well, even though you're much older than me, you're still shorter and smaller-made than me. Your boobs and arse look so much bigger because of that. And, your arse is simply enormous, girlfriend," explained Anna with a sassy little wink. "Also did you know that your face is almost as red as your arse?" asked the little minx, highlighting Suzy's embarrassment.

"Shut up!" snarled Suzy in annoyance.

"Make me, dumbo," retorted Anna with a smirk and suddenly tugged on Suzy's ears making her gasp in surprise. Suzy's ears stuck out a bit and she couldn't believe this impossible young girl was teasing her about them. She slapped Anna's hands away again, turning a brighter shade of red due to the embarrassment and anger she felt. None of this deterred Anna at all however, and she quickly reached for Suzy's exposed nipples and pinched them, causing Suzy to yelp lightly.

"Oh your nipples are so hard, baby. Is it the cold, or are you just happy to see me?" teased Anna.

Suzy pushed the girl's hands away again and slapped her. Anna gasped and pulled her head back sharply.

"If you do that again, I'll tell my mother that you attempted to seduce me again. You will pay dearly for it, she will whip your arse for real" stated Anna with a cold purposeful glint in her eyes. Suzy swallowed nervously knowing she was serious, and this time when Anna touched her breasts she just glared at the youngster and did nothing. Anna moved away quickly as soon as she heard sounds from the bathroom indicating that her mother was returning. Mrs. Cain came back into the room. By then Anna had returned to her chair and was watching her calmly.

Mrs. Cain strode towards Suzy and grabbed her by the ear, pulling her towards the bathroom. Anna followed eagerly, grinning like the cat that ate the cream.

The bathroom was spacious and neat, with white marble tiles and a large mirror in front of the sink. Suzy wasn't really given the opportunity to admire this as she was placed in front of the mirror. Her naked reflection looked back at her with a dumbfounded and apprehensive look on her face. The older woman grabbed a bar of soap which appeared to be resting in a bowl of water. She lathered up the soap quickly and efficiently before placing it forcefully against Suzy's lips.

"Open up," ordered Anna's mother as Suzy pursed her lips closed and stared at the woman in surprise.

Suzy certainly didn't want to open up but the pressure on her lips was steady and the taste of the soap somehow made her want to open her mouth in an attempt to get rid of it. As soon as her lips parted, the soap was pushed in firmly until Suzy opened her mouth more as a result of the constant pressure.

The taste made Suzy gag and she would have spit the soap out if it wasn't held firmly by Mrs. Cain. Tears came to her eyes as she struggled with the sharp taste. However, when she raised her hands to push away the hand holding the soap, Mrs. Cain slapped her wrists firmly.

"You will not use swear words or curses under my roof, young lady. You will keep the soap in your mouth for at least five minutes. May this be a lesson to you," she said as she pushed the soap in and out of Suzy's mouth, effectively coating her tongue with lathered soap.

Suzy felt as though she was being fucked in the mouth with a huge bar of soap, but she tried not to bite down on the soap as she knew it would enrage the angry mother. Behind her Anna watched and grinned at her predicament.

Finally, after five long minutes of gagging and sniffling, Mrs. Cain pulled the soap out of her mouth and instructed her to wash up. Suzy quickly rinsed out her mouth at the sink but it was difficult to get rid of that awful taste.

Finally after she couldn't wash out her mouth anymore, Suzy noticed that Mrs. Cain appeared to be setting something else up near the bathtub. She didn't have to wait long to find out what was going on. The older woman came over to her and grabbed her by the ear once again.

"It's time to clean you up from the inside, you filthy tramp," she said and placed Suzy on all fours inside the bathtub.

End of Part Two

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