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New Erotic F/F Story

The following story is for adults only and should not be read by or shown to anyone under eighteen. All characters in my stories are over eighteen and above the age of consent. As with most of my stories it is F/F so if that isn’t to your taste please don’t waste your time.

Jayne was not yet twenty five and had been married for a year, and the boredom of being a young wife on her own all day at home was really starting to set in.Things might have been different if her sex life had been better, but her husband failed miserably in his lovemaking, and she had to resort to masturbation for the sexual pleasure and relief she craved. Then Suzy Hyde moved into the flat across the hall, and with that event, the frustrated young housewife's life was irrevocably changed.

Out of politeness Jayne invited Suzy into her flat for a cup of coffee on the day she moved in. Suzy was an advertising writer and worked from home, and she began to go to Jayne's flat most days, usually at noon time. Suzy was a handsome woman of thirty seven with dark hair and a firm figure, and she was very pleasant company, and Jayne liked her and looked forward to her visits.

One afternoon Suzy brought a bottle of sherry with her, and they had two glasses of that instead of their usual cups of coffee. Not being used to sherry that early, Jayne got slightly tipsy. As they talked Suzy went to sit on the arm of Jayne's chair, balancing her rounded arse there and leaning over Jayne with her fingers idly stroking the nape of Jayne's neck. Pleasant as it was, it was also a shock. Jayne edged slightly away from her, embarrassed by what Suzy was doing.

"Please," Jayne said weakly.

"Please, what?" Suzy murmured. "Please stop? Does my touching you like this make you uncomfortable? I find it hard to resist stroking your soft young skin." She did not appear put out by Jayne's protest and continued to brush her fingers lightly over Jayne's neck, chin and cheek. "I'm sure it feels nice to you, doesn't it? What harm is it doing?"

"I don't know," Jayne said, her voice trembling. "It's nice but should you be doing that? Why?"

"Because I want to," Suzy said assertively. "I wanted to know if you would like it too - and you do. A woman like me knows when she's pleasing a very pretty young woman like yourself. Relax, my dear, you've gone very tense." Suddenly she leaned across and kissed Jayne's mouth lightly, then with more ardent pressure, lingering until Jayne turned her face away after returning Suzy's kiss for one brief moment.

"Don't be silly!" Suzy said sharply. "You were just beginning to enjoy that!"

"I...I wasn't," Jayne said, trying to deny it and also deny the feelings of excitement stirring in her body. "You're trying to seduce me. You deliberately brought that drink. You, evil woman!"

"And what's so wrong about that?" Suzy said, continuing to stroke Jayne's face and lips tenderly. "Lesbian sex is the sweetest yet most demanding kind of love, and definitely the most erotic. Women know each other's bodies so much more intimately than males. They know what pleases most, what they enjoy best and where. Exactly where. I'm going to kiss you again."

Suzy turned Jayne's face and lowered her opened mouth over the young wife's, pushing a warm wet tongue tasting of sweet sherry between her lips. For a long passionate moment the kiss continued, Jayne's resistance weakening as their mouths clung together. She felt Suzy's hand undo the top buttons of her dress and slid down inside her bra to cup a breast. Suzy circled her palm over the rounded flesh, plucking at the nipple. Jayne held her wrist as their mouths parted, their breath coming in ragged gasps.

"Please, don't," Jayne managed to say. "What makes you think I want this? I...I've got a husband."

"But only three days ago you confessed that he doesn't give you the sexual pleasure you expect and need," Suzy smiled. "A woman like me knows how to use a frustrated young wife, knows what she needs."

Jayne expected her to start kissing and fondling her again. She had heard about women who had sex together, and had always been disgusted at the thought of it. Yet she liked the way Suzy had touched and kissed her. She also liked the older woman's aggressiveness, and she realised with a start that she wanted Suzy to seduce her Instead, Jayne thought she had blown it as Suzy sat back up on the arm of her chair with a shrug of compliance.

"As you wish, you silly girl," Suzy said easily. "I thought that I might pass the afternoon naked in bed with you and teaching you, breaking you in to my kinky lesbian desires and passions. I'd love to teach you how to make me cum. Perhaps I was too hasty in my seduction. I respect that." Her hand clasped one of Jayne's, stroking it.

"Let me tell you a story if you feel ashamed because you became aroused. When I was just about your age I rented a room from a woman in her mid fifties who was quite attractive and still quite well preserved. Much like myself, now. She often invited me into her living room for a glass or two of sherry. She'd tell me what a pretty girl I was, and would go out of her way to brush herself against my breasts and squeeze my waist."

Suzy paused to squeeze Jayne's hand and smile at her. "I'd sit in an armchair, just like you, with herself perched on the arm, like I am. One day she kissed me, just like this..." Suzy leaned forward to press another kiss on Jayne's mouth. "Then she caressed one of my breasts, like this..." Jayne's dress was still undone at the top, and Suzy gently removed Jayne's left breast from her bra, caressing Jayne's nipple with her fingers for a moment then squeezing it, applying increasing pressure.

"What did you do?" Jayne asked, quivering with pleasure and blushing crimson as Suzy's fingers teased and squeezed her stiffened nipple.

"I was shocked, of course, but didn't want to hurt the woman's feelings. Then she began kissing me, just like a man does, rolling her lips over mine so eagerly, putting her tongue in my mouth as well and even drooling her saliva shockingly into my mouth." Suzy suddenly swooped, kissing Jayne and then tonguing her now responsive mouth. Jayne trembled as the older woman fed her with her saliva. After a very long moment Suzy finally drew her mouth away from Jayne's and smiled as the young housewife swallowed her sweet-tasting saliva. "Like that, Jayne, darling. Exactly like that," Suzy said. "I was trembling, not knowing how I felt, then she knelt on the floor before me and pulled up my dress."

Suzy pulled Jayne's dress up as she described it, revealing Jayne's thighs and white cotton knickers. Suzy's hand cupped Jayne's mound, making her part her legs as she compressed it in her palm.

"I heard her mumble that I must do it, I must," Suzy continued, slipping to her knees in front of Jayne and drawing down Jayne's knickers. She smiled as the young wife raised her arse slightly in compliance. "The woman was doing this, pulling my knickers right off. Then she told me she wanted to lick and suck my pussy until I came in her mouth. She said she wanted to taste my cum."

Here Suzy stopped, her mouth a bare inch from Jayne's aching cunt which Jayne expected and wanted Suzy to start licking and sucking. Peering down Jayne saw the flat expanse of her belly, her knees spread with Suzy's head between them, and the raised mound with its thick tuft of pussy-curls. Several women had described the exquisite pleasure of having their lover's or husband's tongue and mouth at their cunts, but Jayne's husband had never done that for her and she was too embarrassed to ask for it. "Go on," Jayne told Suzy hoarsely, expecting and desperately wanting to be tongued. "You let her," she urged. "You let her suck your pussy, didn't you?"

"She licked my pussy for a long, exciting moment, but I was so shocked at the fact that I pushed her head away," Suzy said disappointingly. "'No, no, it isn't right for a woman to do something so indecent like that to another woman!'" I protested as I grabbed my knickers from the floor and fled to my room. I was in quite a state of excitement and shock, I can tell you."

Jayne resisted pulling Suzy's face to her crotch, waiting for Suzy to finish her story, desperate now for her to use her tongue to pleasure her aroused pussy.

"So there I was, alone in my room," Suzy laughed softly. "And all I could think of was that sexy, wet tongue licking my pussy and making me writhe like a sex-starved slut, which I never considered I was. 'You fool!' I told myself, 'You were enjoying that, loving it, in fact!'"

Suzy smiled up at Jayne and then extended her long, wet tongue, making Jayne whimper with pleasure as she licked at the wetness of her cunt. Jayne grabbed at Suzy's head, trying to draw her face to her cunt but Suzy pulled away and stood up. She removed the leather belt that she wore with her skirt and folded it in half.

"I went back down stairs and knocked at her door, and trembling with passion and need, I told her I wanted her to teach me how to love another woman. She smiled knowingly and took me into her bedroom and we stripped naked. Then she removed a leather belt from her bedside table drawer and told me my first lesson was never to resist her desires. She whipped me, whipped me long and hard, until my back and arse were raw. She finally dropped the belt, and stretching out on the bed with her thighs wide apart, she told me my second lesson was pleasuring her with a very passionate tongue and mouth. My body ached and throbbed, yet I adored her for the way she brutally whipped me, and I was ready to do anything for her, I wanted the taste of her pussy and her cum in my mouth."

"She was a very demanding mistress, and made me start by licking her feet and sucking her toes. Several hours later she had thoroughly broken me of all inhibitions and had me making permanent vows as her love slave. I moved in with her and she beat me hard and often, but I loved her all the more for it, and was always proud of the marks of her whippings on my body. She was fifty-eight when she was killed by a car, but to the night before she died, she was very demanding on my eager tongue and mouth."

"Please, Suzy! Please!" Jayne whimpered, arching her naked cunt up at her as she brazenly sprawled in the chair with her legs parted wide. She had never been as desperate for sex and wanted Suzy to suck her more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

"Please, what?" Suzy said, raising the belt and bringing it down cruelly across Jayne's thigh. Jayne hissed at the agony of the cruel lash and stared wide-eyed at the welt that immediately rose on her creamy-soft skin. Suzy raised the belt again, yet Jayne made no move to resist what she knew was coming, nor did she try to clasp her legs together. Please what Jayne?" she said, lashing Jayne's other thigh, making Jayne cry out and writhe in agony.

"Please...please teach me how to make love to you..." Jayne whimpered, suddenly knowing what Suzy wanted.

"Shall I teach you like I was taught? Shall I teach you to become a love slave? My love slave?"

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Jayne gasped, completely under the older woman's powerful spell.It was madness, but Jayne didn't care. In their most passionate moments her husband had never made her feel as aroused, and she wanted more!

"Strip naked, Jayne," Suzy instructed, dropping the belt and unbuttoning her blouse. When they finally stood naked together any lingering doubts Jayne may have had vanished as she stared at the older woman's naked body. Suzy's pear-shaped breasts were firm without a hint of sag, and her creamy-smooth arse compared favourably with Jayne's own full cheeked arse. But it was the dark, thick pubic bush that was Suzy's crowning glory and Suzy's pussy. Suzy picked up the belt and Jayne's stiffened clit throbbed, her pulse racing with excitement at seeing the belt in Suzy's hand. Her clit throbbed again as she looked at Suzy's pussy. She wanted it, she wanted Suzy's belt and her pussy

"You're frightened but you want what I'm going to give you," Suzy murmured. "I can see it in your eyes. Just to make sure that there will be no regrets after the heat of passion has abated, I want you to kneel before me and beg me to whip you as hard as I can."

Jayne immediately dropped to her knees, and with a voice quivering with passion and desire, she begged Suzy to whip her and to teach her how to suck pussy. Smiling with pleasure, Suzy finally told her to rise. She trembled and took Suzy's hand when offered, letting Suzy lead her into the bedroom.

Under Suzy's soft-toned instructions, Jayne knelt on the bed and gripped the headboard tightly. Suzy raised the belt and began to whip her, the only sounds in the room were those of the swishing of the belt through the air, the impact of leather against naked skin, and Jayne's responding whimpers and sobs as Suzy beat her methodically, first across her shoulders and back, and then across her raised arse and thighs. Jayne writhed her arse lasciviously under the strap, but remained in position without begging for mercy, wanting Suzy and falling in love with her more deeply with each lash of the belt.

"You take a whipping very well, Jayne," Suzy said, finally dropping the belt and getting onto the bed with the young blonde. Suzy caressed Jayne's hair, soothing her as Jayne sobbed against her naked breasts. "No more tears, darling. It's time for sex. Blow your nose sweetie."

Suzy tilted Jayne's face up and lapped at her salty tears, It was the most erotic act she could imagine, and as she heard Suzy swallow, Jayne knew there wasn't a thing she wouldn't do for the woman that she was falling head over heels in love with.

Their open mouths fused together in a prolonged kiss as their hands roamed up and down each other's naked backs and arse. The burning, stinging pain of the whipping began to turn to a warmth that seemed to go straight to Jayne's pussy, and she pressed her naked crotch and breasts hard against Suzy's.

"I'm going to be using you as my pussy slave from now on," Suzy said when the kiss finally ended. "Suck me my pretty slave. Suck my pussy and make my cum."

Jayne whimpered her keen desire to comply as she crawled down on the bed and moved her head between the older woman's widespread thighs. The hot scent of cunt filled her nose and her swollen clit throbbed passionately as she licked and tasted Suzy's slick juices. Jayne whimpered her desire again as she realised this was what she truly wanted, and during the next two hours her mouth worked diligently at Suzy's constantly running cunt as Suzy thoroughly slaked her lust, cumming three times in Jayne’s mouth.

They both napped for an hour or so, Jayne pillowing her face on Suzy's thighs and inhaling the intoxicating scent of cunt. Upon awakening Suzy began having sex with her mouth again. Jayne had no idea where this new relationship would lead to. But she didn't care so long as Suzy gave her plenty of the belt and pussy. Her clit pulsed with passion as she suddenly thought of a way to prove her love and slavish devotion to the other woman. "I want to lick your arsehole," she whimpered. "Please let me do it..."

"Ah, I do believe my pretty pussy slave is in love," Suzy purred as she drew her legs back to reveal her cleft and tight anus.

With the exposure of Suzy's anus came a mild but not overpowering scent which made Jayne whimper and draw her head back.

"I fear that my arse is unwashed. And I must confess it was by design rather than an accident that I came to visit you this afternoon, Jayne, you asked for it my slave, and you shall be granted this dirty form of arse worship often from now on. Lick my arsehole, slave. Taste it and clean it, to prove you want me, obey me or I will be forced to make you do so by whipping your breasts and pussy with the belt."

What the older woman demanded was dirty. To some maybe nasty to extreme. And Jayne whimpered as she realised she had asked Suzy to give that kinky pleasure. But she had not realised that Suzy's arse would be unwashed like this. There wasn’t that strong, overpowering scent, in fact no scent of shit, just unwashed and it was gradually starting to turn her on. Her clit throbbing with demanding need, Jayne relented. Whimpering her aroused passions, Jayne moved her head to Suzy's dirty arse and tentatively licked the woman's tight arsehole. Withdrawing her tongue, she tasted Suzy's dirtiness, surprised that it did not taste as she expected it would. The tip of her tongue tingled and slightly stung, and the taste was slightly bitter, yet not unpleasantly so.

Whimpering again, Jayne extended her tongue and began to tongue worship the older woman's arsehole. She sobbed her passion and desire and made vows to Suzy that she would leave her husband and live with her as her love slave if allowed to.

Suzy caressed Jayne's hair as she passionately tongued her arsehole, accepting the young wife as her lover and best friend.
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KA9ha · 31-35, M
wonderful,,,lesbian anecdote ,well described,,detailed step by step actions.lovely layout and editing.
KA9ha · 31-35, M
[@607256,JayneA] love to read many more with your blessings
KA9ha · 31-35, M
[@607256,JayneA] its great.. you are innovative and well grounnded
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@997259,KA9ha] Thank You I'm pleased you enjoyed it
tornado · 56-60, M
Wonderful story best one yet
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@596269,tornado] Once again thank you so much for your very kind words about my story. I'm pleased you enjoyed it
emmasfriend · 41-45, F
Half way through, I was wishing that Jayne lived next door to me ........
WindTherapy · 51-55, M
Another very well written, detailed piece of erotica. 👍
ShirleyCarmichael · 36-40, F
A beautiful story, so well told. And I am embarrassed to say that it is not so different from an experience I had, that my husband knows nothing about
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1213307,ShirleyCarmichael] Thank You so much for your lovely kind words and I'm pleased you enjoyed my story, it's nothing to be embarrassed about
ShirleyCarmichael · 36-40, F
[@607256,JayneA] Thank you. Not quite sure I would share my experience publicly, but as I say, quite a lot of resonances
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1213307,ShirleyCarmichael] You are welcome honey and I'm pleased you enjoyed it
Ksmile14 · F
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1073303,Ksmile14] I'm glad you enjoyed it honey
Ksmile14 · F
[@607256,JayneA] I did so much!!!
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@1073303,Ksmile14] That's good it's always nice when people enjoy the stories
DanMaria77 · 56-60, M
Men will love this story to visualize this is a turn on!
JayneA · 36-40, F
[@983261,DanMaria77] Thank You I'm pleased you enjoyed my story

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