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I Love Playing Video Games

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what would you say is the most addicting type of video games? is it the ones that have no real ending like oblivion or skyrim? or online gaming? ive been playing games for years but dont ever wanna be addicted....any suggestions on what the best type of games to play are ? should i try shorter games?
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Yeah, I've pretty much shifted "gaming styles" for many years. First I've started with city-building and those are still dear to me. Then Tomb Raider, Doom, and stuff. Then the Adventure Company Games (point-and-click) which I've played tons, and I mean tooons. Then Big Fish Games came out and invented a different style. Some of their little games I like, but most of them are just all the same. Then my favorite: BioShock, Resident Evil 4, Siberia, etc. There are so many.

And yeah, you should try some shorter one. Find some indie.
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i have found a game on xbox 360 which is like fallout nv hardcore mode and like state of decay plus it has coop bleeding mechanics and have even factored in the need to loot insulin for diabetic survivors and the player must make moral choices as well as having a large and unique pool of dialogue options to help make those choices, there are relatively competent npcs who WILL LITERALLY FEND FOR THEMSELVES! and can be sent on scavenging or attacking missions. and gift giving, i have not made much progress yet but it is implied there can be large npc raids on other survivor compounds. on my first play through i sent out a guy to get building material and on the side screen which keeps you updated i noticed there was dialogue suggesting the survivor i sent out was being robbed but he had nothing on him as i wanted his inventory empty for loot and he told them this so they responded by shooting him dead... 馃槰 did i mention there is coop? and the most amazing part of this is that this game with this amount of depth is only 1$ yes one fucking dollar.. plz try this indie game because it looks like i am the only one who plays it. it is called the survivalist

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