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I Love Playing Video Games

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Got into Tera recently.Even though it's an old title the change from generic tab target mmo's is most welcome.It has everything I currently want from a game.Could be just initial hype though.I'd really like some pla<x>yer housing,like FFO for example,really good there.
It's quite challenging even after a while,since I'm a loner I like the fact you can solo stuff mostly.Tried some dungeons as well,even with couple of YT videos still was...difficult.Story is kinda weak,mostly:"OMG this place in particular has issues,plz halp".The main story is decent enough,but I feel it's just there for you have something to follow,not actually be into it,like Fallout for example.
Community is kinda...meh.Mostly toxic,met only few good persons so far.Also Elins,Elin everywhere for some reason.
Anyways,awesome game,think I'll play this for a while.
36-40, M
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Jan 27, 2016

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I Love Playing Video Games
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Got into Tera recently.Even though it... | I Love Playing Video Games | Similar Worlds