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20 reasons to choose abortion.

I decided to remake my previous post here, as my last one was short. I want to post a more complete list this time with as many as I can think of. If you wish to debate me on the issues here's some things about my background so you can form better arguments, or otherwise convert me to a pro-life position. I am an atheist, so religious arguments aren't going to move me. Secondly, I am an existentialist, so my moral compass is partially derived from the works of Nietzschhe, Sartre, Hegel, and Foucault. Thirdly, I am an environmentalist and transhumanist. So for me to become pro-life you'd need to convince me of how banning abortion wouldn't lead to overpopulation, or how it wouldn't lead to improving the quality of human life. Fourthly, what I value most is the quality of one's life. Therefore, if your position doesn't take the quality of life into account you'll have a harder time moving me. Pro-lifers, I look forward to reading your arguments, and having a civil discussion.

Now without further ado, the list:
1.) A fetus lacks consciousness, and the mental capacity to be a person.
2.) Allowing women to choose makes them more equal to men.
3.) It gives women the freedom to pursue their dreams.
4.) Women who get abortions are less likely to end up in poverty or abusive situations.
5.) Legal abortion reduces poverty, crime, and other negative externalities.
6.) If the pregnancy was the result of rape then carrying the fetus to term can cause immeasurable mental trauma, and the resulting child would be a constant reminder of the circumstances of their conception.
7.) The planet currently can't support the existing population, it would take 3.5 earths worth of resources if every human alive lived and consumed like Americans do.
8.) If we fail to contain the climate crisis, any children born now will live through a global famine and a drought the likes haven't been seen since the last mass extinction event.
9.) We can reduce the number of people suffering from congenital diseases that would impact the quality of their lives. [Legal abortion is the best option here until genetic modification of humans becomes mainstream.]
10.) Women who choose abortion, with the exception of extremely few outliers, never regret their abortion and would make the same decision again.
11.) Half of all children put up for adoption are never adopted. Those who age out of the system are very likely to live in poverty, use drugs, or never have stable lives.
12.) Countries where abortion is legal have higher standards of living, and more upward economic mobility than places where it is illegal.
13.) A women's body is her private property, and therefore she has the right to evict whomever or whatever she doesn't want living there.
14.) Casual and pre-marital sex is normal and healthy behavior. So long as it is consensual no one involved deserves to be punished for partaking.
15.) Women who receives an abortion are more likely to further their education than women who take care of unwanted children.
16.) A fetus is incapable of feeling pain due to an undeveloped nervous system.
17.) The right to an abortion is recognized as a fundamental human right by the United Nations, and currently by the US Supreme Court.
18.) It is safer to have an abortion than it is to give birth, and women are far less likely to die from a legal abortion than giving birth.
19.) Banning abortion will only force desperate women to get dangerous and unregulated illegal abortions.
20.) Abortion reduces the welfare cost to taxpayers, for every dollar we spend on planned parenthood we save three.
I never did agree with number 6 being an argument for pro choice because in my eyes murder is murder. Why would it be okay to have an abortion because it may cause mental damage to the one carrying it. If abortion is murder then it's murder all the way. We don't kill people who are mentally ill or limited in other ways either so why would we do it to a fetus. We can give babies up for adoption. That's always an option.
popmol · 22-25, M
[@14748,Zebrawl] its a constant reminder of the rape that has occured. i do understand that people wouldn't want it!
Razoreye001 · 26-30, M
[@14748,Zebrawl] But what if letting the woman abort in this case prevents her suicide? Also, when you put a child up for adoption you're condemning them to a coin flip. Either they will be adopted, or they will live a hard life they didn't ask for. That creates more suffering in the world, and we can't have that.
Sunflower2021 · 31-35, F
It's so easy for people to judge but if women were in that situation it would be a different argument.
GhostPoncho · 46-50, M
Abortion should not be illegal. After that I don’t dare.
Iamonfire666 · 36-40, F
I agree with these.
popmol · 22-25, M
just think it should be talked about between the partners yes its the womans body but the child is also from the man but it is a delicate situation!

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