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I'd Rather Get To Know You Than Small Talk

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What is your favorite memory?
36-40, F
16 replies
Jan 8, 2019
RyanUK · 26-30, M
The day I threw all my boxers away and started wearing thongs only
Mal42 · 41-45, M
Without a doubt seeing my son born and helping with the before and after event of my son. Nothing actually comes close to anything else.
Madeleine · 36-40, F
[@809231,Mal42] So beautiful. May God protect him for you.
Mal42 · 41-45, M
[@2684,Madeleine] Thank you, he has autism so he needs a lot of care and love. But he is with good parents who love him.
That's a tough one. I think one of my favorites is the night before I moved back to the US from Canada in 2004. There was a bridge near my house, and I just walked out at night and stood on the bridge and watched it snow through the streetlight. Everything is so muffled and gorgeous when there is that much snow on the ground.
keeper · 41-45, M
Spending time with my Grandfather as a kid.
My daughter's being born.
Rambler · 61-69, M
I'm don't know which but it would be outdoors in the woods or mountains or desert
Fernie · F
Small talk is how people initially get to know each other
Cannabro · 31-35, M
Idk, sex I suppose
Fernie · F
Penny · 41-45, F
i think it was spending time with daughter when she was about two years old one day. i have a picture of it. we were in our new house's amazing 50's style kitchen with light pink painted cabinets. i was a fairly new stay at home mom and she was just chillin on the nice clean floor and i took a picture. she was so cute and i just have such a good memory of that moment. i was so excited to be in the new house. life couldn't have been mor eperfect at that time. (before it went to shit lol)
Madeleine · 36-40, F
[@533101,Penny] Hold on to that moment. It's priceless.
Sapio · 41-45, M
The birth of my daughter and son.
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I'd Rather Get To Know You Than Small Talk
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