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I'd Rather Get To Know You Than Small Talk

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Please don't bother messaging me if your range of conversation doesn't go beyond "Hi", "How are you?", "Where are you from?"
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Aug 14, 2017
Raymuundo41-45, M
Duely noted 馃
YenPox100+, F
sogdianrock56-60, M
hi AviyahArgentina
I am guessing you are from Argentina!
Aviyah鈥, meaning 鈥渕y father is Yahweh鈥 - nice!
Soooooo what's the weather like where you are?
just joshing ya!
best wishes

ps I looked on your profile and I was wrong about Argentina. Your english is fine though.
Waxfoot51-55, M
alrighty then
RichiNatural9718-21, M
That's like stuff youd say on the street. You dont randomly start talking about the meaning of life to a stranger. "Hey, I saw an orange today and it reminded me of the planets and stars, and how it's taking up space, and space is infinite so there could be infinite oranges".
sogdianrock56-60, M
hi RichiNatural97
wow that orange stuff really works - to crazy a person out.
best wishes
[@534991,RichiNatural97] shit infinite oranges!? 馃槀
Tres1346-50, M
'don't cry for me argentina'
Happytohelp7741-45, M
Hi, how are you? Where are you from?
Happytohelp7741-45, M
[@582828,AviyahArgentina] Waaaaiiiiit a second. So if someone messages you that it's a no-no, but if they reply that to your post it gets a laugh and a heart? So confusing...
[@344705,Happytohelp77] cos you're clearly taking the piss
Happytohelp7741-45, M
[@582828,AviyahArgentina] How rude and presumptuous of you lol
Mugin1641-45, M
What has brought you to SW?
NaughtyAmber46-50, M
I try to have indebted conversations. To see what we like and want to talk about.
TrulyDiscover8236-40, F
Lol I couldn't agree more. There's nothing worse than feeling like your pulling teeth in trying to get to know someone.

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I'd Rather Get To Know You Than Small Talk
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