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I Don't Want An Attention Seeker

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When I find a girlfriend, I want my girlfriend to want attention from me, lots of it, but I don't want her to seek attention from anyone else, regardless of reasons. I want her to devote herself to me and none else, I want to be the only one, ju...
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26-30, M
+ 0 7 replies 0 views Apr 16, 2015 |
I don't think that's unreasonable at all. In a way it sounds like the description of a perfect relationship.

But, suppose your GF had a passion or an extraordinarily strong interest in something else, such as getting an advanced degree, a love or certain animals or raising money for a charity or cooking or any one of the thousands of things that people devote time and effort to? Even more to the point, suppose she took an interest in a younger woman who she wanted to mentor and help through some rough spots in her life?

Would those passionate outside interests make you jealous?
Resoner · 26-30, M
Well, don't get me wrong, if my GF wanted to get an advanced degree, even masters or PhD I would fully support that and it wouldn't change a thing. Mentoring and helping a younger woman would also be fine, same with animals/pets, I wouldn't mind at all. As a matter of fact, if she had something she dream about, that would make me happy and I would want to cheer on her and help her achieve her goals.
But of course I would like her to take some time off for me as well and not just neglect me all the time, but I believe she would know how to handle that.
Thank you very much for your input Chrislang.
I love the way this is written. I can't explain it. I like the "I want her to devote herself to me" and "I want to be the only one, just like she'll be the only one for me" Hmm how can I explain it. Lol uhm it brought feels?
i feel the same way but.. sadly like 1/1000 ppl are actually devoted to one another otherwise... its always cheating cheating
Resoner · 26-30, M
I don't like how the world has become
😭 where's the love? Where's the honestly and faith?
It's sad. I want a FAMILY, not a sex partner. I can get a very hot girl right now if I want to, I had feelings for her but u found out she had a boyfriend and she hadn't told me, so I backed off. I told her to choose between him and me, apparently she chose him, but she still wants sex and stuff with me, sure I'm happy and I'd love to have sex with her but my pride wouldn't allow me to sleep with someone just for the pleasure.
I want a real girlfriend - wife. Not a sex bud =(

It's sad. My feelings are contradicting themselves lol.
But I'll stay honest, I don't want to hurt anyone.
well now u know wat kind of person she is... u can do better then dat... technically shes cheating on her man. find urself someone who values ur opinion and values ur thoughts n passion... everyones interested in sex nowadays no one cares for a long strong relationship no more. there r very few out there ull find one someday... hopefully haha
Resoner · 26-30, M
Yea that's my point, I don't want to be with her because I can't stand being part of something like that, I don't want to hurt her boyfriend even though I never met him.

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