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I Made A Fool Of Myself In Front Of The Whole Class

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All Over A Bathroom Pass...... [b]I asked the teacher if I could go to the restroom and she gave me a bathroom pass and so off I went. They are in the form of necklaces so I just wore it over my neck and when I came b[/b][b]ack to class, the teacher asked me for it back. I tried to take it off but it won't come off.

Then I realized I had my hood on so I took my hood off and then tried to pull it off again and again, but it wouldn't come off.
So next thing I know I'm fumbling around like an annoyed cat trying to get it off but I couldn't get that stupid bathroom pass off. Then I started getting mad because I was standing in front of the class like a major dork trying to untangle it from my head but only kept making it worse and I could see that people in class were starting to snicker and laugh at me and that same teacher who witnessed me fall into a trash can before also broke into laughter and turned her back on me so I wouldn't see.

It didn't even occur to me to maybe take off my sweater and try to untangle it from there until five minutes later and after I had already made quite a show in front of the whole class with me fumbling with that stupid bathroom pass over my head.[/b]

26-30, F
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Aug 8, 2010
Hehe! How was it so hard to take off?
I mean how was it tangled?

Oh gosh! I think I've laughed myself out this past day and a half! Maybe after I've had some sleep...
deadmoon · 26-30, F
It was tangled up in my hood. I think I probably removed my hood a couple of times on my way to the restroom so the pass got tangled up in it after a while.
The title of this story made me think something else xD

How?? It would have to wrap itself around it or something??
deadmoon · 26-30, F
It did. O.O
awww I know what you mean..

teachers @ my school have such weird passes -__-

I wish they would tell me if they don't want me to go tinkle and I'll wait until after class
Weird passes? I was once given an old style telephone o.O

...needless to say, I walked down the hall having an enlightening conversation with myself xD
deadmoon · 26-30, F


LOL! Yep!!

hmm.. this
deadmoon · 26-30, F
*Rolls on the floor laughing even harder*

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