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I Knew I Was In Trouble When

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A Friend And I Were Ditching Class...... [b]And that was the main and only plan. To just ditch class and that's it, but after spending an hour of locking ourselves in a bathroom stall and taking turns positioning ourselves on the toilet so people wouldn't know there are two girls in the same stall, my ex best friend from back in middle school then came up with the brilliant idea of trying to ditch school altogether instead. So when the bell to go to fifth period rang, we got out of the bathroom and started walking as casually as we could, as if we were simply going to class when we were really trying to sneak over to the nearest exit.

Only, we had a little problem: One of her teachers, who knew her class wasn't in the direction she was going in, spotted us and stared at the both of us very suspiciously. Of course, we couldn't sneak over behind the dumpster (which is right in front of the exit, we would have to crawl on our knees the next ten feet away to get there without getting caught by anyone in the parking lot first) with him standing right there watching where we are headed very closely, so we had to stop walking towards the dumpster and start heading toward the other trailers around us.

Neither of us had any classes around there for fifth period so we couldn't just walk in to any random class without being immediately noticed by the teachers, who by then already knew their students well and all to not recognize new, unfamiliar ones. So we had to hide in between two trailors that nobody used as classrooms and it was a very confined space for just one person to be in. Imagine two.

Well, the bell rang shortly after we hid there ducking down when we realized that we can't get up and try to walk towards the exit because there were a bunch of classrooms around us that were being used and that we could be seen through the windows if we just as rise up from the floor a little bit. And we could've crawled over towards the exit to avoid being seen through the windows, but if security came around (and we heard them coming around often!) while we were at that, let's just say it's not a risk either of us wanted to take. We were literally stuck in between the trailors!

We stayed there for an hour or so on pins and needles wishing we hadn't left the bathroom even though we were bored as hell and holding our breaths everytime we heard or saw a security pass by. None of them looked in the confined spot we were in. I guess nobody thought anybody was really that stupid enough to get stuck ditching there, haha. They kept walking right past us and didn't even know we were right there under their noses.

But then, we see the police coming into the school...and one of them walks from our left, sees us, keeps walking...
Then turns back around as if it finally hit him that two teenage girls are hunched over in a confined spot and he walks over to us saying, "I think I found them" on his walkie talkie.

That's when I knew that my friend and I were in so much trouble now. And boy, we sure were! :S[/b]

26-30, F
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Jul 31, 2010
what made it worse, for me is that my friend didnt even get caught just me! how fair is that?!
lolol holy shit, kinda the same thing happened to me and my friend. we gipped seminar and we hid in the bathroom, it was kool at first and we didnt get caught, but i got home. and i just had a feeling of dread in my stomache. my dad got a phone call from the school and at first he didnt say anything. dinner came around, im feeling good you know? yea i thought i was bad ass, i got away with it. then it starts getting later, im still feeling pretty good.

I knew something was up cuz my dad was like "is there something you want to tell me." i said know then he asked me how my day at school was. i just shrugged and said the usual "good." the next day comes around and i am in a fantastic mood. im skipping and singing around the house and calling my friend and bragging about it.

Then he says he needs to talk to me. "im going oh shit! he knows, dammit he knows!!" im freaking out especially from his stern look. but i played it kool. we're sitting in the living room and then he tells me he got a call from the school saying i missed a class. he asked me why i wasnt in class. My dumn ass said that "i was in class, i was just late." he asked why i was late. "cuz i had to use the restroom and the class is so far away and the halls are filled with kids." then he said, he prob. would have believed me, but he called the teach. and the teacher said that he didnt remember seeing me in class. 'fuck, im screwed' was the thought in my mind. 'damn traitor teacher' was the second. anyway, he yelled at me and took my things away and i was grounded the whole summer.

fuck, that's the only and last time i ever jipped.
That's so romantic :D
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