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Hello everyone,

🐢🐌😅🐡 We listen. We care. We have just completed another set of features and changes to Similar Worlds.

[b]• Questions & Answers[/b] ⁉
Questions are finally here. We bet you are familiar with the [c=#BF0000][b]Categories[/b][/c] we have for the questions.
From now on, [c=#BF0000][b]Polls[/b][/c] can only be added to Questions. Existing polls are still on the stories you created.

Our friend [c=#BF0000][b]Questionator[/b][/c] is still alive! Just having a nap.
Stay tuned!

[b]• Merged Notifications[/b] 📄
Notifications are much more organized now. No more hundreds of single notifications for the same post! Also, we are now removing old notifications, so they don't keep accumulating forever.
We have also added a "Stop" button to make it easier to unfollow a post. Please keep in mind that this was always possible (and still is) by clicking "Stop Receiving Notifications" on the story/question page. You can start following a post by clicking the same button, "Receive Notifications".

[b]• Story Feeds improved[/b] 📰
We've improved our Homepage, Stories and Questions pages.
In the homepage (which you can access by clicking our logotype in the header), we have added a few feeds:
- [b]Relevant[/b] - we try to show you posts that we believe are relevant to you, based on your interests, your details, preferences, etc...
- [b]Everyone[/b] - all posts that fit on your Content Level setting.
- [b]Friends Only[/b] - all posts from your friends.
- [b]Friends & Groups[/b] - all posts from your friends and the groups you are joined to.

We added a "select a group" box, to make it easier for you to create a story (something similar can be found in the Questions page). Also, we added a "See More" button in the bottom of the feeds, so you can load more posts if you wish.
We now show an icon if a post contains images or videos.

[b]• New Emoji[/b] 😜🐻👍🏼👍🏾👍🏿🍨
We now have a new set of 1800+ emoji, now organized in categories.
These are more mature, better quality and more fun.

[b]• Manage your Photos[/b] 📷
We made a panel that allows you to delete photos that you don't want anymore.
This is a step closer to the full Photos and Albums system that we are still working on.

[b]• Other Improvements[/b] 🔧
As usual, we keep working every day to improve our site.
- Various improvements to our Rating System and Reputation algorithms. We continue to work on our algorithms in order to protect our community and make sure we only show contents that are safe to each user.
- Security - most people should now be using the "https" version of the website, which means you are security connected to us. This makes sure that your private data, such as passwords and private messages, are protected from attackers while you are using Similar Worlds.
- [c=#BF0000][b]Group Members[/b][/c] - new page where you can see all the members of a given group. Check it out!
- Reduced wait for replying to Private Messages - this is still work in progress - this will reduce even more as your reputation increases. Stay tuned!
- Fixes in functionality. Improvements in our infrastructure.
- Design/layout changes and improvements.

[b]• What is next?[/b] 📈
We still have a long way to go. [c=#BF0000][b]We listen to you and we care about our members.[/b][/c]
Our plans can change at any moment. However, this is what we want to do next, based on your suggestions:

• Online Status
• Notifications sounds/alerts
• Nested Comments/Replies
• List of Hearts on a Post/Comment
• (and more...)

Thank you for your support and we hope you stay with us.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions, so please keep giving them to us, as they are very important to the future of Similar Worlds.

Very kind regards,
26-30, MAdmin
56 replies
Jun 21, 2016
Edited: 1 yr ago
Thanks! 😘
hami1091 · 36-40, F
Looking good, I am most excited about the nested comments and how more organized that will make things when they arrive, but love the new emojis too. :)
Justmerae · 46-50, FVIP
Good job guys! ❤
Sharon4now · M
i like the improvements. i miss the polls. they were fun.
Yay. Cool!
thank you!
Fungirlmmm · F
Thank you for the updates.
lasergraph · 61-69, M
We realize this will probably always be a work in progress. I personally appreciate the speed in which questions are answered. As the site grows that will understandably change. So far so good.
Thank you!!!
Abbenthewolf · 13-15, M
Geesh that's grand I guess? I don't have any idea where to begin.or how to navigate anything.yet.confusing.and why do everyone hates me. NuNos? Answer that question.
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Hello everyone, 🐢🐌😅🐡 We listen. We care. We have ... | Admin Announcements | Similar Worlds