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Hello everyone,

馃懌 馃暤 馃憢 We've just released a lot of changes to Similar Worlds.

[b]- Add as Friend[/b]
You can now add other users as friends.
They will be automatically added to your list and they will receive a notification knowing about that.
The others can then add you back if they want.

[b]- Profile Improvements[/b]
The profiles were revamped and now include the following pages:
- Stories
- Friends and Followers
- Joined Groups
- Latest Replies to Stories

[b]- More Search[/b]
You can now search:
- Groups
- People
- Friends

You can find the search boxes in the specific pages.

[b]- More Activity[/b]
The main page now includes the latest replies/comments written by our users.
You should have a look at those!
Plus, we show more random groups there, so you can find more subjects to talk about.

We have also made a lot of other small fixes and improvements in the layout.


Please let us know if you find any issues.

Thank you for your support and we hope you stay with us.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions, so please keep giving them to us, as they are very important to the future of Similar Worlds.

Very kind regards,
26-30, MAdmin
22 replies
May 1, 2016
beckyromero31-35, F
Only the most recent 19 groups are showing on our profiles.

Also, profile page is pretty dull without the ability to tell other members a little about ourselves. Even EP had that feature, pathetically limited as it was.
Maggimay41-45, F
You guys are doing great. Thank you.
Nunos5051-55, M
Good to see the continuing work. Pleased I can add friends to my circle :-)
Brooksy36-40, M
Noticed right away :-)
SW User
Thanks. Keep going
Thank you and your staff for your hard work.
Nuno26-30, MAdmin
Hi @beckyromero,

Thank you for telling us about that bug. There was an issue with the counters and we've just fixed that. Your 56 groups should now appear there.

Regarding the profile page, please understand we are completely overwhelmed here and we're doing our best to implement the missing functionality. The Adding Friends feature had a lot more demand than adding information to the profiles.

Thank you everyone else for the comments!

Very kind regards,
beckyromero31-35, F
Wow! A response from an administrator! And quickly too! Something that was quite rare at EP in recent years. Sorry if my initial comment sounded too harsh. I know you guys are working hard. It is appreciated.
Saffie36-40, F
It's awesome, thank you.
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Hello everyone, 馃懌 馃暤 馃憢 We've just released a ... | Admin Announcements | Similar Worlds