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Hello, 😛 🔥 ⚡ Here is a list of new features we have released since the website launch. - "Me Too" button You can now join groups without having to post on them. We are still working on a page that contains the list of the groups you'...
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Apr 28, 2016
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ProfJohn · 70-79, M
If you block a person, how much is blocked? Is it just personal messages, or do their posts & replies become invisible too? And do they still see your posts & replies?
[@601281,ProfJohn] Hello. You become invisible to each other if you block the user, or they block you.
ProfJohn · 70-79, M
OK, so I am assuming that applies to all posts & replies too. Thanks.
seotelkniwt · 61-69, F
When will we have the option and ability to create our own groups?
kimbearly · 36-40, F
is there any way to private message someone?
Unfamiliar · 26-30, F
Finally! It's nice feeling heard by an actual person
Lawrence18 · 22-25, M
How long before we can send private messages?
xTutu7x · F
Is there a way you could make a feature where we can tag people in our posts? Kind of like how you tag someone on Facebook? Just asking.
DreamCandy · 26-30, F
Thank you 💞
Multitude · 22-25, M
Do you guys have any plans for a recommendation engine, once the basics are covered?
SimonR78 · 41-45, M
It's good to see the notifications show clearly now, I can see that's been added & also the 'block user' option (which I don't think I should need to do yet!) thanks SW-Help, I look forward to seeing more features and improvements! :-)
xTutu7x · F
Thank you! :)

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Hello, 😛 🔥 ⚡ Here is a list of new features we ha... | Admin Announcements | Similar Worlds