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😛 🔥 ⚡ Here is a list of new features we have released since the website launch.

[b]- "Me Too" button[/b]
You can now join groups without having to post on them.
We are still working on a page that contains the list of the groups you've joined!

[b]- Block User[/b]
It is now possible to block users. A button is available on the profiles.
There is a page in the Settings with all the users you blocked and a link to unblock them.

[b]- Site Notifications[/b]
In addition to the emails, you can now see your notifications on the Similar Worlds website.
There is also a counter, so you can know when there is new replies to read.

[b]- Adult / Non-Adult Groups[/b]
Most of our groups were taken from EP and we simply kept the same classification they had.
However, we realized that a huge number of groups were marked as "non-adult". We have re-organized all that we could think of.
If you find some group that you think should be marked as "adult", please let us know of it!
We are also working in improving contents shown to Teens. Keep an eye out for this!

[b]- Group/Story Page improvements[/b]
We've added the Categories and Content Level to the Groups pages.
We've also added the Age and Gender of the users in some places where that information was missing.
An additional "Post Reply" box is now located just below the original post, to make it easier to find and comment.
The name of the group is not shown anymore when it's not needed.

[b]- Administration[/b]
We are also slowly improving our administration in order to guarantee the community is safe from unwanted users.
You may find this is not relevant to you, but be assured that if we didn't do this, we wouldn't be able to provide you a stable website.

[b]- New Gender: "Couple"[/b]
Some of our users may prefer to share the profile as a couple.
We do listen to our users, so we added this gender to the site.
Please keep in mind we will be allowing you to change your gender soon.

[b]- Control your Notifications[/b]
Initially it wasn't possible, but now you can control whether or not you want to receive notifications of a given story.
There is a button at the top of every post, and one at the time you write a reply.
You can also disable email notifications in the Settings page.

[b]- Clean Story Feeds[/b]
We cleaned the homepage, so you see more stories and you decide what do you want to read more.
No more "forever scrolling" just to pass an essay!

Thank you for your support and we hope you stay with us.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions, so please keep giving them to us, as they are very important to the future of Similar Worlds.

Very kind regards,
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Flenflyys · 26-30, F
This message was deleted.
xTutu7x · F
Woohoo! I'm starting to like things a bit more now. Are you guys going to make it where we can see our answers and comments on our profiles as well? Kind of like how it was on EP?
eunlee · F
Thank you for listening to us! :)
Andrew · Admin
You're very welcomed, everyone! :)

@Followme, can you elaborate a little more on your suggestion?
I do not recall seeing Answers and Comments on Profiles, at EP.

I remember that there were Tabs for Groups, Stories, Questions, Friends, etc.
Please explain a bit more.
puppydoglover · 16-17, M
Yay 😊😊
noah74 · 46-50, M
xTutu7x · F
@ Andrew we could go back and read our answers to questions on our profile, as well as our questions. Like for instance on EP, if I were to click on my profile, I could see my answers as well as my questions in my activity. Before EP did their major change, they had a tab for the questions and a tab for the answers that posted so that we could go back and look at them if we'd like. You don't have to do it, but it was something that I liked having on my profile. I liked going back and reading some of my answers. It's not important, but if you can do it, that would be nice. If you don't, no biggie. Thanks anyway! :)
This message was deleted.
nice4mheart · 36-40, M
nice and thanks :)

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