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A number of users had trouble accessing Similar Worlds, uploading images or viewing images, for a few minutes.

This was caused by a system upgrade in all our servers, which caused several conflicts with configuration changes and software updates.

This should all be resolved now, but please let us know if you are still having problems with anything on Similar Worlds.

Cyber Security doesn't always mean Cyber Stability, nam sayin...

Have a great day!
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Edited: 1 yr ago
Iamyourdaddy · 22-25, M
No that's a lie.

If servers are upgraded then you'd inform the users beforehand.

Where are the servers hosted? Tell me this
Iamyourdaddy · 22-25, M
[@826133,Anonymartyr] no it doesn't work that way.

As the admin said, they didn't expect this. I actually understand the issue but what I don't understand is how the compatibility didn't work
Anonymartyr · 51-55, M
[@854020,awesomusmaximus] What I know is that not only did the site become unresponsive but it wouldn't reload at all, for half an hour. It had nothing to do with pictures or posting, the whole site went dead for me.
Peaches · F
[@854020,awesomusmaximus] Are you a computer tech?
KellyLancaster · 18-21, F
Thank you for the update
Ishtar · 18-21, F
Finally, a clarification.
Neuroticnelly · 36-40, F
Thank you
SW User
An explanation finally!
wackidywack · 18-21
oh hey Nuno
5thApprentice · 26-30, M
[i]nam sayin...[/i]

You're doing amazing, sweetie.
Lonelymanik · 31-35, M
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Thank you :)

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Admin Announcements
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