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We are listening to your various concerns and suggestions. 馃憤馃徏

In the past few weeks, we've been improving small bits on the website and brainstorming about what's coming next for Similar Worlds.

馃槙 We don't really want to force our users to stay in a place they don't want to be. If Similar Worlds isn't the place for you, then we understand and we are very sorry for all the delays. I want to let you know that [b]we are working on a Cancel Account facility right now and this will be the next feature to be released[/b].

馃攳 Also, we will very soon release [b]a new Search Panel[/b], to help people finding things more relevant to them, including Groups, Members, Stories/Questions, etc...

馃敡 Not only that, we will also start working on [b]improvements around the Mature Posts[/b]. You will not need anymore to turn your Content Level to Adult to see all the filtered posts on a Group or Profile. We will add some buttons to the pages to [b][Show Mildly Adult Posts][/b] and [b][Show Adult Posts][/b].

馃懃 [b]Profiles[/b] will soon also get a few filters/feeds, so you can easily [b]just see either Stories or Questions[/b], rather than everything mixed up.

More news coming soon! 馃槅

Thank you,
26-30, MAdmin
71 replies
Sep 23, 2016
uncalled451-55, M
Sounds good! Was actually going to ask about search functions. Thanks.
SW User
The site is great well done all
TGray4241-45, F
Sounds good. Still waiting on the app
JarJarBoom36-40, F
Holy crap they've been listening?!
This message was deleted by its author.
darktippedrose31-35, F
when will albums be available?
SW User
Thank you, cute admin.
Miklee0246-50, F
Yay!!! Thank you for this fun and interactive site!!! And for all the improvements so far and yet to come!!
JarJarBoom36-40, F
Can you also add like 'electro shock' feature which will send a shockwave through the internet and electrocute members when they ask a really inane question?
OceanKayak26-30, M
JarJarBoom, maybe the members could vote for who gets ElectoShocked. Make it interactive. Each SW member gets to vote once per day and and if a question receives 10 inane question votes then the poster would get an ElectroShock.

What you think JarJarBoom?
JarJarBoom36-40, F
@OceanKayak: this is doable..there are a few people i want to shock
OceanKayak26-30, M
@JarJarBoom: only one person per day limit. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Yay.. Our Heroes! 馃幎馃幎馃憤馃徎
Sounds great! Thank you!
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