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🐬 🐡 Hello, Similar Worlds! 🍨 🍉 The SW Team is pleased to provide you with an update of what has been implemented since our last announcement. • Updated our Privacy Policy (effective May 25th) 🛡 As many of you are aware, especially if you live in...
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26-30, MAdmin
79 replies
Jun 5, 2018
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
Admin: once again, our thanks for the new updates. Could you also introduce a feature where the new user, posing as a minor can be blocked? Currently, they cannot and many of us are a little tired of these short, fat and sweating bald-headed 'gentlemen' of middle-age years - with their underwear around their ankles and typing with one hand - disrupting our posts!
Carla1951 · 61-69, F
Nuno, I am Carla1951, and am glad to see you have returned.I was fearful S.W. was going to be deleted. I thank you.for remaining behind. Not many of us even visit Facebook anymore.
SW User
Thanks for all you guys do!
Carla1951 · 61-69, F
Thanks Nuno, glad to see you back home.
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
Good work - as usual!! Now, I suppose, it's back to your nightly 'who can drink a keg of ale' and yodel at the same time with the men while the women cook dinner!!
Socram · M
[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia] where do I sign up!😁
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
[@726645,Socram] Nuno says , bring your own keg and you're in!!
Socram · M
[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia] haha.. loading it on my truck.
Highonheels · 46-50, M
Hey Nuno whats up with the new heart animation , what’s that all about and what is the purpose , just curious that’s all I mean is it absalutely necessary.
Thank you 🙏
Socram · M
[@435994,MightyMarvellous] 😁
Yes ty sw
This message was deleted by its author.
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
[@742744,Ethereal] It doesn’t say the children are members here.
This message was deleted by its author.
Socram · M
[@742744,Ethereal] too many
SW User
all is good but how do I add a friend
Gentle153 · 31-35, MMod
[@807828,pcandypanties] On someone's profile, click the button with the silhouet and a plus. That will add the member to your circle and you to their followers. If they add you too, you become friends.
SW User
Talking emoji..So you removed the blue eye and replaced it with a brown eye/why not have all eye colours represented?
Gentle153 · 31-35, MMod
[@816549,PrettyPinkFlamingo] The pictures are supplied by a third party, so I cannot tell you why they decided to change the color. Multiple colors are not part of the emoji standard and the developers of SW decided not to add custom ones. Doing so would significantly complicate the emoji menu in the editor, and phone keyboards and browser plugins would never support emojis that are not part of the standard, so implementing custom emojis that only work on SW would cause possibly confusing inconsistencies between different input methods.
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🐬 🐡 Hello, Similar Worlds! 🍨 🍉 The SW Team is ple... | Admin Announcements (Page 4) | Similar Worlds