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⚠ [Solution] Are you getting popups when opening Similar Worlds?

Some members appear to be getting popups when they open Similar Worlds and other websites.

All the users so far that have complained about this seem to be using a Samsung phone, and after we investigated a bit, this seems to be caused by a virus/infection, and not by Similar Worlds.

If you are getting popups when opening websites, we recommend you [b]install "Malwarebytes" from the Play Store[/b], which appears to be [u]resolving the issue[/u] for some users.

[c=#A69800][i](we are NOT advertising a product - we are trying to resolve an issue that our members are having, that can potentially affect us as a consequence)[/i][/c]

Please let us know if this resolved the issue.
If you installed any ad-blocker because of this problem, [b]please consider uninstalling your ad-blocker[/b], to support Similar Worlds with the [u]non-obtrusive ads[/u] we show.

[u]Recent reviews of Malwarebytes:[/u]




After some researching, I can see that other people are having this issue recently with other websites.

They seem to be able to resolve this issue by uninstalling apps that have been installed recently. [u]Please review the apps you installed recently and consider [b]uninstalling[/b] them.[/u] If this resolves the issue, please let us know what apps you uninstalled!

30 replies
Apr 12, 2018
Edited: 2 yrs ago
iamnikki · 26-30, F
yes I do get plenty of popups when using the site on my phone. Started about a week ago
[@467302,iamnikki] Please let me know if the above solution resolves the problem! Thank you very much. It's important for us to know that.
Josiah ·
Thanks SW-Help
I've been having this issue too
[@602555,Shepherd] Please let me know if the above solution resolves the problem! Thank you very much. It's important for us to know that.
Josiah ·
[@100,SW-Help] I actually have been browsing on my phone for a few hours, I haven't had any pop ups pop up.... Now for the last week I'd get 2 or three every time I went to a new page... but Right now it seems to have subsided.
I haven't installed anything either.
Unlearn · 36-40, M
Promoting a product...
Unlearn · 36-40, M
[@602555,Shepherd] nope... doesn't seem so.
[@6118,Unlearn] No... our members seem to be having this problem, as we are simply trying to find a solution for them.
Unlearn · 36-40, M
[@100,SW-Help] fair enough...I take back my words.
Non intrusive ads, that have viruses. No matter what you say, it's the ads.
lasergraph · 61-69, M
Malwarebytes is a good solid product and I use it on multiple platforms. It should take care of any virus problem.
Sharky86 · 31-35, M
WOW!!! This is interesting! Not what you're talking about but the fact you really exist!
I always read about admins and mods but it's the first time I see one of this creatures with my eyes. I want to study their habits!

Anyway I log by a computer so, luckily, I don't have the problem you're talking about.
Cheers! 🍻
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
popups? wait, when?
[@341171,sighmeupforthat] If you're not getting any popups, you're good! You can ignore my post :) Thank you.
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
[@100,SW-Help] whew.. ok.. (looks cautiously, now watch i'll get 'em. :P )

thanks... *skips away*
MellyMel22 · 36-40, F
[i][c=#BF0080]I haven’t had it happen to me, but I’m on an IPhone. [/c][/i]
Peaches · F
[@1980,MellyMel22] I don't use any kind of phone.
MellyMel22 · 36-40, F
[@364304,Peaches] [i][c=#BF0080]Hopefully it’s easier for you that way 🙂[/c][/i]
Peaches · F
[@1980,MellyMel22] Well I have other issues, but pop ups just don't happen to be one of them.😯😊
SW User
Perks of using [i]not[/i] a Samsung phone. I don't get pop ups 😜🙈
JustNik · 46-50, F
This isn’t a problem of mine, but I think it’s awfully good of you to have looked into it and found a possible solution. 🙂👍

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