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馃攼 You can now [b]Hide[/b] your [b]Age[/b] (range) and your [b]Gender[/b], via our new Privacy Settings.

These options can be found at the "[b]Edit your Profile[/b]" page:


We hope you enjoy!
More improvements to come soon. 馃檪
[c=#005E2F]- The SW Team[/c]


For those who are interested, here is a visual look at the [b]growth of Similar Worlds[/b] so far:

We've recently crossed [big]500,000 Page Views Daily[/big], and still growing.

Similar Worlds continues to grow in large amounts, week by week.

Thanks for being a part of our site! 馃専
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MuteMeDaddy18-21, F
Yay thank u so much
Any ideal when the exit will be added?
Cool.. Now we can be ageless and genderless 馃槅馃槅馃槃
Justmerae51-55, F
Can it take off about 17 years ? LOL
Memetic51-55, F
I'm not sure why this feature is needed
This message was deleted by its author.
Signus26-30, M
Can you tell us how many registered too?
And Thanks
[b]鈥 [u]Updated post with Graph of Similar Worlds Growth[/u][/b]
@OWTFWN, did you make a request to have your account deleted?
We don't post exact statistics, however, we can tell you that well over 10,000 users have joined so far. The majority of them are active each month.
ManicMicah22-25, M
Not sure why people would want to hide their age and gender. Their age I kinda get but you can always set it to 100+. But why hide gender?
No I know people who have and they still are here. It is/would be nice to have a choice to just delete though, and not have to sit on ones hands.
500k page views a day! Wow that's a lot.. Congratulations 馃槉
RealMustangGuy56-60, MVIP
Thank you Andrew. Great job as always. But for me I see no need to hide my age or gender. Now if you can find a way to lower my real age I'd be ever grateful lol.
Thanks Andrew for letting us know you awesome admin, you! making things all better for us! :)
As for why some users may wish to hide their Age and/or Gender:

Members of Similar Worlds are not forced to use their actual details, although it is preferable.

I believe that more often, honest users feel compelled to provide their actual age and gender, while the dishonest ones may use false information to mislead others.

I believe this new feature will benefit more greatly the rule-abiding and honest members.

[i]For example:[/i]
Some male users on this site may flirt with every young female they are able to contact privately, whether or not the user has placed a photo of themselves publicly.

This feature can help to reduce unwanted harassment in such cases, limiting themselves from being a target of such behavior.
topcap201746-50, MVIP
if they hide you don't what age they are when talking with them they could be under 18 i would know.
MikeSp51-55, M
Andrew, thanks for all the great work you and the team do. I use a desktop machine, and I have to click my profile pic to find a log off button. Can you put it on the upper bar next to the envelope? Thanks.
Hello MikeSp,
Thanks for the kind complements.

We plan to release a Drop-Menu in the Navigation bar soon.

This drop-menu will contain a link to log-out of Similar Worlds.
So it should be in a very convenient, quick to access location, soon!


No I know people who have and they still are here. It is/would be nice to have a choice to just delete though, and not have to sit on ones hands.[/quote]

I understand.

We do have plans to release the Delete account option in the coming weeks.
However, we tend to prioritize features by how useful it is to the larger percentage of members.

While maybe 20-50% of members may be very happy for, and may make use of these new privacy features released today.

Only 1% or less of our members, request account deletion.
Also this feature really takes more work than it may seem to.

We haven't forgotten these members, and will have that feature ready in a couple weeks.

However, for now, any user can choose to simply not log into the site anymore, if they do not wish to be here.
Do you guys have a facebook page?
@ThatOneSomaliGirl: Hi, yes, this is the link to our Facebook page:

We've been so busy that we haven't been updating it much though, but we plan to start making more use of it soon.
Melkor22-25, M
Could I get an estimate on when replies to comments will be added?
gothicbeautystar26-30, F
they have a deactivation feature
gothicbeautystar26-30, F
oh sorry its still on hold
RoboChloe22-25, F
Now, just let us show our exact age rather than an age range.
SW User
Hi. Thank you and keep up the great work :)
Is there a way to report a post that is in the wrong category, like a post which is supposed to be rated as adult by the user who wrote it, but wasn't? I realized a few posts like this. We can report a post for containing spam, bullying and illegal activity, but is there an option like the one I mentioned?
Jessa2931-35, FMod
@LastingSunshine You can always message me if you would like.
SW User
Okay Jessa, thank you
Jessa2931-35, FMod
@LastingSunshine You're welcome :)
WuZetian31-35, F
Congratulations Similar Worlds :)
Thats cool but shouldn't you be improving the texting and communication ?
Fungirlmmm46-50, F
QUESTION: Will there be an option to block messages from those that block their age and/or gender? While it doesn't impact me directly, I know there are some ladies that their "about me" states that they only want to talk to females.
I think you're offering users too many options to hide/make invisible parts of their profiles. Is it really in the best interest of a profile based site, when you can disable so many of its profile related features? What's the point in coding all of these functions, when a user can opt out on most of them? I'd say that's counterproductive from a technical point of view. It's the same with a profile's activity feed, online status and friend's list. If the option to disable these features must exist for privacy issues, I think it should be considered to make them viewable by friends-only. At least they still serve a purpose in that case. I don't think most users who want to hide their data, have the desire to hide it from everyone.
Gentle15331-35, MMod
A lot of people do show their replies and friends, so those certainly do serve a purpose despite the possibility to opt-out and their development wasn't a waste of time. I see no reason to assume that will be any different for age and gender. I think an extra option to share details with friends only is a fair suggestion, so I'll log that for later review by the admins.
dannys92522-25, M
Dear Andrew, I've been here since day one. I like it. I could be a better citizen if I could get back into my stories to label them adult, when I realize they should be upgraded to that category or when I forget to use the feature and then realize too late that I forgot. Perhaps there is a way to do this, but I don't know how. Danny
Estoypuber18-21, M
If one hides all that stuff, age (range? Really, that's a thing?), and gender, how're we suppose to tell when the person on the other end is a paedophile?

In addition, aren't we all supposed to be [i]liberated[/i] from all that gender nonsense?

Idk what to think. I'm still tryna figure who, or [i]what[/i] I am. Can we do this later, if we figure somat out about ourselves? It's a weird, weird, [i]weird,[/i] weird world.

Je suis Pub猫r. 脺
Awww, thanks for being a part of our lives too!馃拫馃拑

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