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☄ 🎉 Hello, Similar Worlds! ❤ 🥂

The SW Team is pleased to provide you with an update of what has been implemented since our last announcement in April.

Please note that even though we are writing less announcements, it does not mean we stopped development. We are just busier than usual, but we're thinking of writing more updates in the future, maybe even for smaller updates.


[big]• User Tagging 🔖 🏷 [/big]

One big feature we have released was User Tagging.

You can now tag other users by their username, e.g. [@2,Nuno], and that name will be linked to their profile.

The format to tag someone is: [b][@<username>][/b]
(don't forget the square brackets around the tag - it's important!)

The other user will receive a notification saying that you mentioned them, but only if they have added you to their Friends list. If you edit a post and add new names, it won't notify anyone.
Mentions/Tags are allowed on Posts and Comments.

[big]• Improvements to Blocking/Muting 🚫 [/big]

We have released a few new features to help you maintaining your list of Blocked and Muted people better:

- We now display the time when you blocked/muted the users in the list.
- Sort by Time / Sort Alphabetically
- Show Canceled (so you can see who you can safely unblock - but note that some profiles can be reactivated!)
- Blocked and Muted (if you blocked someone who you have muted before, you may decide to free up the Mute slot)

[big]• Easily upload a Screenshot 🖥 [/big]


You can now easily take a screenshot and then use your keyboard (Ctrl+V) to paste it to our uploader.

[b]Note that this currently works on Windows, Linux and MacOS, but only on modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.[/b]


[b][c=#BF0000]Note that posting screenshots of Private Messages is not allowed.
Posting screenshots of other user's posts or comments is also not recommended, as it can make other people uncomfortable.[/c][/b]

[big]• Submit Questions to SW-Questions ⁉ [/big]

You can now submit a question to be asked by @SW-Questions.
If your question is chosen, you will receive a notification and your name will appear next to the question (optional)!
You will also be rewarded with 💰 500 SW Coins.

You can submit your question here:

[big]• New Gifts 🎁 [/big]

As many of you may have noticed, we recently released some new gifts over at our shop:

We also made a few improvements to Gifts:
- Increased gifts text limit.
- Prevent gifts duplicates, for users with slower connections, being charged twice.

New Gifts are also coming soon!


[big]• Improvements to Photos 📷 [/big]

- Photos now have views counters.
- We're now detecting uploads of duplicate photos, so if you try to upload a photo you uploaded in the past, we'll just reuse it.
- We show photos in notifications.
- We now allow you to move photos to the Private Album.
- We also provide a dropdown menu to make it easier to move photos in certain situations (if drag-drop doesn't work well for you).
- Photos marked as Nudity on comments/replies are now blurred.

[big]• Improvements to Reports and Safety 🔐 [/big]

- Added Mildly Adult, Adult and Nudity tags in many places to help distinguish posts that might be NSFW.
- Comments/replies can now me marked as Containing Nudity.
- Users are now notified when a post or comment is getting reports. Our system also takes automatic actions to those posts/comments when appropriate.
- You can now report individual message elements, instead of reporting the whole Message Thread. This helps us knowing exactly where the incident is.
- More clarification and many improvements to the Report system.
- New Report option for illegal activities.

[big]• Other Improvements 🛠 [/big]

- Searching Posts is now Real Time! This means that we don't update our Search results every hour, but as soon as a post is published, instead!
- Searching Posts will now show better results. For example, if you search "dog", it will also find results for "dogs". Similarly with "octopus" and "octopi".
- Quick Links in Mobiles for Followers/Friends/Circle.
- Notifications are improved - show more details, fixed some glitches, etc...
- Sort Awards by weight, rather than some fixed random order we had.
- Back Button now works for Stories and Questions pages, not just Home, so users can continue where they were.
- Fixed SW getting "disconnected" frequently on some Windows Phones (because of a Windows Phone bug).
- Fixed New Message notification appearing after Mark as Unread.
- Fixed Remove Friend not working on iPhone web-views.

[big]• Security Improvements 🛡 [/big]

In more technical terms, we continue to work towards making our systems more secure and close any possible hole that might compromise our servers or user's privacy.
We like to keep all our software always upgraded (lots of security fixes come with them), but it also takes a lot of our time to do these migrations/upgrades.
We also are improving and growing our infrastructure, as our community and databases keep increasing every day!

[b][c=#BF0000]If you find any weird behavior in our system, please let us know straight away by sending any of the admins a Private Message or an email to us.
This is the best way to reach us and ensure that we will look into the problem as soon as possible.[/c][/b]


Thank you for your support and we hope you stay with us.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions, so please keep giving them to us, as they are very important to the future of Similar Worlds.

Very kind regards,
- The SW Team
26-30, MAdmin
94 replies
Sep 2, 2017
Edited: 1 yr ago
Goralski · 46-50, M
Good job ... Take d rest of d weekend off
Fangirlsarah1996 · 22-25, F
Glad to hear stuffs doing the stuff.
Blynx · 46-50, F
Thanks for all the great updates. Enjoy the weekend. 🙂
Blynx · 46-50, F
[@123788,Myownwoman] I got this notification, but not one for your post.
SW User
[@362624,Wingzy] dang, I think it's cuz I edited, I had to keep going back and looking at my list to see how to spell names!!
Blynx · 46-50, F
[@123788,Myownwoman] We'll all get it right after practice! 🙂
Thanks Nuno and team !
Bubbles · 31-35, F
great updates, and nice work, thank you!
ajoite · 46-50, F
Thankyou and I've definitely done the duplicate gifts thing
DingusScrimm · 31-35, M
Less improvements and more reports! Who's with me? [image=]
DingusScrimm · 31-35, M
[@348601,Bubbles] You should talk 😒
Bubbles · 31-35, F
[@428650,DingusScrimm] 😨
DingusScrimm · 31-35, M
[@348601,Bubbles] mhm [image=]
Dewms · 22-25
Thanks Nunobelle!
goneeee · F
Thank you!🙂
Some1Else · M
Thanks for all the effort and great work!

I notice you haven't implemented the [big]"Silence this 1 Person for 1 Hour while I/we calm down!"[/big] [big][b]Button[/b][/big].

Rather than Muting them and then forgetting. Not losing a usually good correspondent or friend!

It would keep anxiety & tempers down and eliminate thread destroying word fights!
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