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How do I make myself interesting, worth paying attention to, friendship worthy?
36-40, F
26 replies
Oct 28, 2016
ChasingBrainBros31-35, M
You already did all those things. I was about to ask you what they were :)
Myzery36-40, F
I don't know. I haven't been able to make any friends.
ChasingBrainBros31-35, M
Everyone on here loves you. What's the difference offline?
Myzery36-40, F
@ChasingBrainBros: Every8on here doesn't love me. 馃槀
But, just hanging out watching shitty movies...random face to face stuff...I dunno...sigh.
lucetta1231-35, F
Clearly that wouldn't be you then. You have to be real. How do you know you aren't?
Myzery36-40, F
I am real...just not worth friendship. 馃槙
NigelDoes51-55, M
Just be yourself.....
Myzery36-40, F
That isn't working. 馃槶
NigelDoes51-55, M
You already are all that :)
Myzery36-40, F
Apparently not. Not here or in the real world.
coolboy8631-35, M
wear very little
Myzery36-40, F
I think that will make things worse in my case. 馃槀
MalteseFalconPunch31-35, M
I thought we were friends.
Naah you're cool.. Everyone has their days eh? :)
Myzery36-40, F
@MrsNel: I have had years though. 馃槙
TheLoveAge31-35, F
Be your fun loving self. Smile and don't take things too seriously馃 Enjoy馃挄

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