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What do you look for in an ep friend?
26-30, M
5 replies
Apr 6, 2019
Deadcutie · 13-15, F
I don’t look
rckt148 · 56-60, M
Kindness ,someone who really reads my posts and gets
there is a short message usually inside a long one
Some will get the short one ,others need it further explained
but only a select few will read it at all
if its over 2 lines or 8 seconds to read their gone
So those who read my post and see, see I shared a little of me
and if they were still kind ,,answer me back with kind in return
you just made a friend who will follow you into battle
at least you attempted to get me
we'll come up with our own terms while we take down the enemy

As a rule I like Vets who are not cocky and arrogant
we already have a sort of language ,,we just need to bridge the gap according to what service we were in ,,each branch has things they say to cut down on miscommunication ,,and need for a lot of talking ,,we get our orders on the fly and follow through ,,dealing with whatever as it happens

the agenda ,,bring everyone home alive ,complete the job we were sent to do ,,save as many as we can ,hopefully all of them

We are of a different mindset ,,just trying to fit in
anyone not knowing that ,but still willing to talk to me and be kind in such a cold and heartless world ,made a friend and I never forget
there is no ep . get over it.
zefyr · 26-30, M
[@60223,DuchessOfMapleSyrup] This is ep minus a few good souls and the name.
Mikado · 41-45, F
A dirty mind, good sense of humour and honesty
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