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What're your friends and family like?
31-35, M
5 replies
Dec 16, 2018
User4131-35, M
My friends are heathens.

Half of them are deployed.

The other half are training for their 3rd deployment.

My parents are sweet. Nothing like me. 馃槀
Deadcutie13-15, F
Not like me for sure
kingfish2726-30, M
PlumBerries26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]my friends are all very kind sweet social people

My family are very loving supportive bunch. My mum is like me and is pretty antisocial, we love being on our own. My dad, loves being around people but hardly says a word. And my three brothers are all very different but also the same in many ways. They are all very successful in their own ways and people seem to just flock to them and want to be around them all the time [/c]
Silentspectator41-45, F
Humans with their set of mindset, fancies & quirks.

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