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If you wanna flirt with me i don't mind!
Having flirt with friends is fine! ☺️
22-25, M
18 replies
Oct 3, 2018
Prisoner619 · 22-25, M
You DO NOT flirt with friends kid
bLoOdtHirStY · 22-25, M
[@802920,Prisoner619] my friends don't have kids... But sometimes they friends flirt wuth me so i also do! Because i like to make my friends happy!
Haha silly potato.
bLoOdtHirStY · 22-25, M
[@542305,Darkcosmos] 😇you love potatoes!
[@3229,bLoOdtHirStY] [image=]
bLoOdtHirStY · 22-25, M
[@542305,Darkcosmos] hey hey hey you are planning to eat me 🔥😅
Hey baby....
How you doin.? 😘 Xxx

bLoOdtHirStY · 22-25, M
[@585724,Supamanagonmad] You are behind me now with xxx 🤪lol
Add more xxxxx
[@3229,bLoOdtHirStY] not with a nasty mouth like that you cold blooded murderer of the English tounge!
bLoOdtHirStY · 22-25, M
[@585724,Supamanagonmad] i have Indian tongue👅 not English tongue!😁
I can speak English!
I never flirt with friends.
Easiest way to complicate a friendship.
bLoOdtHirStY · 22-25, M
[@44604,Aidolovemostofyourthoughts] my friends know me very well that i am their best friend and they trust me.. So if they flirt with me i don't mind! I support them!😇
[@3229,bLoOdtHirStY] Lol sweet.
bLoOdtHirStY · 22-25, M
[@44604,Aidolovemostofyourthoughts] 😊yeah i am!
Darina · 26-30, F
It's ok ... love and flirt sw
bLoOdtHirStY · 22-25, M
[@84847,Darina] Actually we meet daily different kinds of people.... I stayed with many... I find i was compatible with everyone accept those who use abusive language alot.
Darina · 26-30, F
[@3229,bLoOdtHirStY] 😊
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If you wanna flirt with me i don't mind! | Friends & Acquaintances | Similar Worlds