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What are you really hoping to find online ??? A good female to feel close with ?? A real friend ???
It's been long since i've had a good conversation with a stranger and thought of finding some good conversation online...Opened a public group chat and random private chat...99% of them ask " M/F "??? Age ??? Place??? !!!
Gosh people have become so shallow and desperate. Only I can make new pen-pals with kids it seems.
Being a male gives me the boon, like when some flirt or shallow minded one come across and as soon as I say am a male they just quit the conversation and move on.
I really am sad by the attitude and expectation that has spread in chat rooms.
18-21, M
17 replies
Nov 3, 2017
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
News, teleworking , procurement and watching miserable people.

And chat's have always been this way.
SanaRP98 · 18-21, M
[@341171,sighmeupforthat] Great !!
Do you not have real life friends? They're better- but maybe not as convenient and disposable.
SanaRP98 · 18-21, M
[@629735,WiseCracker] English is not my mother tongue...
[@599670,SanaRP98] Ah. I knew a Sana. She was from Kashmir.
SanaRP98 · 18-21, M
[@629735,WiseCracker] I am a Sana from Tamil Nadu and even boys can have that name😅
Sagiri · 22-25, F
I'd try to make friends with someone but eventually they will stop texting me.
SanaRP98 · 18-21, M
[@396121,Sagiri] This has happened to multitudes online...And tell me don't you feel bad and maybe at one point stop trying to make friends online ??
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
I think most guys have real life bromances and look online to chat with women. You shouldn’t take it personally.
SanaRP98 · 18-21, M
[@10970,SimplyTracie] might not be in all cases...I've counseled to teens who feel otherwise.
Anyway that might also be the case
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
[@599670,SanaRP98] No, not in all cases but I think in most cases guys don’t go online to have private chats with other guys. Unless they’re looking for advice on how to fix their cars or something. Or they’re gay.
SanaRP98 · 18-21, M
[@10970,SimplyTracie] ya...true that😅
StanSmith88 · 26-30, M
Social interaction. I don’t get out much
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