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Do you have nice handwriting? A close friend told me my handwriting was "sexy". Oooh La La!
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Oct 24, 2017
Ruben1970 · 46-50, M
My handwriting is terrible, my friend needs help of a archaeologist to understand my handwriting
Zoranna · F
[@1205,Ruben1970] Museums may be interested! 😉
Mk8155 · M
No. I look like a doctor's signature. Lol
Zoranna · F
[@361986,Mk8155] A few claim that so you're not alone, hehe
MystifyMe · M
I try to write in neat scripted style. I suppose your hand writing could be seen as sexy with the right style.
Zoranna · F
[@505810,MystifyMe] That sounds really nice. :-)
MystifyMe · M
[@7002,Zoranna] Thank you :-)
SW User
Not really... 😊
Zoranna · F
[@417592,Dixiechick] I'm sure it's nicer than you think. :-)
SW User
Ah thanks for the vote of confidence... 😊[@7002,Zoranna]
Zoranna · F
[@417592,Dixiechick] You're welcome. 😌
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