Client Testimonials - Facebook Cover Photos

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Facebook Cover Design for Rinse Deurloo
“Never thought that giving this service a try would result in something like this! I would be lying if I said it was good: It was great! Thanks, I can recommend you to everybody (and I will)!”~ Rinse Deurloo
Client Photo, Rinse Deurloo
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Bradford Smith
“Andrew Davis provides a service that is first class. I highly recommend him for his professionalism, wonderful design work, and down to earth friendliness. He is fast, flexible, and you honestly won't be disappointed.”~ Bradford Smith
Client Photo, Bradford Smith
Facebook Cover Design for Renee Thompson
“I am in OKC, Oklahoma this weekend for a literacy event and meeting new authors. I am singing your praises here too. I think you are professional with dynamic ideas and I loved the fast service. It's my pleasure to recommend you!”~ Renee Thompson
Client Photo, Renee Thompson
Facebook Cover Design for Vanessa Just
“I would like to thank the FacebookCovers Team for making such a professional Facebook Cover. I love it and will definitely be recommending you to other people.”~ Vanessa Just
Client Photo, Vanessa Just
Facebook Cover Design for Demitra Karpouzos
“If you're looking for amazing quality, fantastic customer service, quick turn around time...look no further. Thank you for making me look great!!”~ Demitra Karpouzos
Client Photo, Demitra Karpouzos
Facebook Cover Design for Natasha Phillips
“FacebookCovers did a fabulous job designing my facebook fan page. They were very professional, and time efficient. They were very responsive to my requests, and I highly recommend them for your design!”~ Natasha Phillips
Client Photo, Natasha Phillips
Facebook Cover Design for Julie Broad
“FacebookCovers did a fabulous job - fast, friendly and professional.”~ Julie Broad
Client Photo, Julie Broad
Facebook Cover Design for Cece Espeut
“I love my new Facebook cover...its awesome! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround.”~ CeCe The Photographer
Client Photo, Cece Espeut
Facebook Cover Design for Rey Gallegos
“All I can say is Easy, Easy, Easy! Sent a few photos and some text, 2 days later a great cover photo! Not one revision needed! So easy and professional I will probably change it monthly! Thanks!”~ Rey Gallegos
Client Photo, Rey Gallegos
Facebook Cover Design for June Richards
“I am so impressed, in the way it looks and the how quick the turn around time was. Well done!”~ June Richards
Client Photo, June Richards
Facebook Cover Design for Julio del Rio
“It took one single email explaining what we wanted, and that was enough for them to capture the concept and translate into exactly what we wanted. All within just a couple of days. Amazing service, amazing results, amazing price. We will brag about them to all our facebook friends.”~ Julio del Rio
Client Photo, Julio del Rio
Facebook Cover Design for Suzanna Theresia
“I love my new facebook cover design, and I received many compliments from my friends :) Thank you so much! It's been a pleasure to work with you and I will be back!”~ Suzanna Theresia
Client Photo, Suzanna Theresia
Facebook Cover Design for Robert Elsey
“I would have no hesitation in recommending FacebookCovers. They have been very professional even going above and beyond what I expected of them! "Great design".”~ Robert Elsey
Client Photo, Robert Elsey
Facebook Cover Design for Wanda Camp
“The service I received from the Design team was exceptional. I was especially impressed by their willingness to work with me until I had a cover I was pleased with.”~ Wanda R Camp
Client Photo, Wanda Camp
Facebook Cover Design for Karen Gerlach
“So glad I found FacebookCovers, it was great working with them. They were quick and very professional, not to mention the quality. I would definitely recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.”~ Karen Gerlach
Client Photo, Karen Gerlach
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Jas Bains
“Andrew was great to work with, once I explained what I wanted he was able to quickly create a cover page. I highly recommend using this service for creating your Facebook business pages.”~ Jas Bains | Holistic HR
Client Photo, Jas Bains
Facebook Cover Design for Nina Lewis
“Natalie and her team were very quick and delivered exactly what I wanted. I gave them a vision and ideas and they made it come to life. They were fast, professional, and courteous. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to all of my clients. Excellent work and did I mention they were very very very quick with my delivery! ”~ Nina Lewis
Client Photo, Nina Lewis
Facebook Cover Design for Anthony Cecchini
“Website was easy to use, service was fast, and photo design was a perfect rendering of narrative. All and all outstanding quality and service for the price! I’d recommend again and again!”~ Anthony Cecchini
Client Photo, Anthony Cecchini
Facebook Cover Design for Kate Hansen
“I am SO impressed with the FacebookCovers Design Team, their quick, efficient and creative workmanship was second to none! I will be using their expertise again.”~ Kate Hansen, Katie Koo Australia
Client Photo, Kate Hansen
Facebook Cover Design for Marina de la Torre
“FacebookCovers delivered on its promise! The service is fast, professional, of high quality and friendly. I highly recommend using FacebookCovers for your professional or personal Facebook cover photo.”~ Marina de la Torre
Client Photo, Marina de la Torre
Facebook Cover Design for Praveen Kumar
“Very happy with the images. Clear communication, Fast Turnaround and Value for Money.”~ Praveen Kumar
Client Photo, Praveen Kumar
Facebook Cover Design for Trish Foster
“Andrew Davis is one of those rare guys who over delivers. I am really delighted with my cover! It it great? Yes!! The price is excellent too! I will be back Andrew for more covers”~ Trish Foster
Client Photo, Trish Foster
Facebook Cover Design for Tara Paustenbach
“What a great, fun service provided to those of us not so savvy on computers! I love my new Facebook Cover Photo... and it would have taken me far more than $15 worth of my time to figure out how to do this on my own! I'll be having several more made as well. Quick, easy, professional. I love it.”~ Tara Paustenbach
Client Photo, Tara Paustenbach
Facebook Cover Design for Terri Marshall
“I am so happy with my Facebook cover design, it looks fantastic!! Thank you for providing such efficient and personalized service. I will definitely recommend your services to friends and colleagues.”~ Terri Marshall
Client Photo, Terri Marshall
Facebook Cover Design for DivaMoney
“All I can say is WOW! Not only an awesome design and a crazy good price, but also done in record time! Thanks a million....more orders coming your way!”~ Shae Bynes (DivaMoney)
Client Photo, DivaMoney
Facebook Cover Design for Jane Morrison
“Andrew and his team were out- of- this world GREAT! They bring value, creative skill and ease to getting my FB cover changed and to reflect who I am in my business – great job!”~ Jane Morrison
Client Photo, Jane Morrison
Facebook Cover Design for Scott Kindred
“If you want exceptional customer service topped with truly professional design, FacebookCovers is THE place to go. Quick turnaround time. Top-notch, impactful design. Completely affordable.”~ Scott Kindred
Client Photo, Scott Kindred
Facebook Cover Design for Debra Oxby
“Excellent and prompt service. Listened to my requirements and delivered! What more could I ask?”~ Debra Oxby
Client Photo, Debra Oxby
Facebook Cover Design for Karen Davis
“I used FacebookCovers to help me update my Facebook cover design and they did an awesome job. They were quick, easy to work with and I highly recommend them!”~ Karen Davis
Client Photo, Karen Davis
Facebook Cover Design for Suzanne Morrison
“I was delighted with the cover I received from FacebookCovers. It was exactly how I imagined it to be and very professional looking. It's made a big difference to the look of my Facebook page!”~ Suzanne Morrison
Client Photo, Suzanne Morrison
Facebook Cover Design for Kathy Gleason
“Thank you so much! The quality of the cover was amazing and just what I was looking for. Couldn't have asked for anything better!”~ Kathy Gleason
Client Photo, Kathy Gleason
Facebook Cover Design for Darren Scott Monroe
“Wow this was one of the nicest and quickest deliveries I have had in a long time! Great job!”~ Darren Scott Monroe
Client Photo, Darren Scott Monroe
Facebook Cover Design for Allen Blodgett
“Andrew & his team at FacebookCovers were able to create in almost no time flat a design that was flashy and sets the tone for the fan page. They were also so willing to change the design to make it exactly the way I wanted it. I've also showed the site to some celebrities I know.”~ Allen Blodgett
Client Photo, Allen Blodgett
Facebook Cover Design for Michelle Ghilotti
“I knew the work from Andrew's Team would be outstanding...I was right! And I have high standards for my business and business Facebook page. Very very pleased...more business coming your way Andrew! Thank you!”~ Michelle Ghilotti
Client Photo, Michelle Ghilotti
Facebook Cover Design for Zanetta Davis
“Andrew and his team were great to work with. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but the team pulled inspiration from our website and provided two options within days for our FB cover. I would definitely recommend FacebookCovers when you need a one of a kind cover. ”~ Zanetta Davis
Client Photo, Zanetta Davis
Facebook Cover Design for Cindy Clemens
“FacebookCovers was very simple to use and had a fast turn around. They produce high quality work and make my life as a business person much easier with the time they saved me.”~ Cindy Clemens
Client Photo, Cindy Clemens
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Ian Gibbins
“Such a refreshing change to receive such a personal, efficient service leading to an incredibly professional result. Andrew will certainly be receiving further requests from my business in the near future!”~ Ian Gibbins
Client Photo, Ian Gibbins
Facebook Cover Design for Edie Kay
“SO THRILLED with this product! Delivery was fast, but the quality was beyond amazing and an absolute pleasure to deal with this provider. I will use this again and again. Thank you!”~ Edie Kay
Client Photo, Edie Kay
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Nikki Warren
“Thanks for making a professional looking cover for us. It's more then we could have expected or done ourselves.”~ Nikki Warren | I-H.O.P.E.
Client Photo, Nikki Warren
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Ahmad Russ
“Andrew's work is fantastic! He delivered an on-brand image that will help move my acting career forward. I plan on working with him again and recommend him to any person serious about their brand.”~ Ahmad Russ
Client Photo, Ahmad Russ
Facebook Cover Design for Bad Rhino
“Great work again... I will continue to work with this guy for as long as I can. I sent him more than one fiverr so that he could deliver it over night and he didn't disappoint. Under a deadline and with minimal info, he created something that is exactly what we need for our business. Thanks!”~ Richie DeMatteo | Bad Rhino
Client Photo, Bad Rhino
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Sye Wells
“Simply Incredible! Highly recommended... very professional... gets the job done and goes above and beyond! Thank you sooooo much. I appreciate you.”~ Sye Wells
Client Photo, Sye Wells
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Love Ukraine Dating
“This is a great cover Andrew. This guy is very professional and very communicative. He showed me an initial design before completing the order, so that if I wanted to change anything, it would be done in the next hour.”~ Love Ukraine Dating
Client Photo, Love Ukraine Dating
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Tiany Davis
“Love my Facebook cover! First draft came out perfect, better then what I had imagined. Fast, professional and courteous responses to my many emails. Great work, worth much more than the price!”~ Tiany Davis
Client Photo, Tiany Davis
Facebook Cover Design for ThePerfectStorm
“Andrew delivered my order quickly and professionally! You're not going to find better, so stop looking and send Andrew an order of your own!”~ ThePerfectStorm
Client Photo, ThePerfectStorm
Facebook Cover Photo Design for EklipseMart
“Andrew knows his work! I am delighted. Thank you!”~ EklipseMart
Client Photo, EklipseMart
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Taquila Coleman
“The service I receive was exactly what I wanted, and the services was on time, I would truly recommend working with Andrew cause he deliver excellence services and will get the job done in a timly manner.”~ Taquila Coleman
Client Photo, Taquila Coleman
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Jeanna Gabellini
“Frankly, I think Andrew is a Godsend. His price can't be beat, turnaround time was lickity split and I loved his first draft. BAM! That was easy!”~ Jeanna Gabellini
Client Photo, Jeanna Gabellini
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Jeremiah Say
“Thanks Andrew for the A+ service.. you should at least charge $50 for your service (NO JOKE).. Andrew is a very pleasant and professional seller, we had a great time communicating.. super easy and wonderful to deal with! Thanks a lot!”~ Jeremiah Say
Client Photo, Jeremiah Say
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Alexandra Madalina
“I love this Facebook Cover. I imagined how I wanted it to be, and they made it reality. Express yourself with a new Facebook Cover!”~ Alexandra Madalina
Client Photo, Alexandra Madalina
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Stephen D Gilson
“Awesome seller with a terrific service. Wanted to give my Facebook a unique look and he nailed it. Got friends and family asking me where they can get such an amazing cover! Thanks and will keep you bookmarked!”~ Stephen D Gilson
Client Photo, Stephen D Gilson
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Prriya Calay
“THE BEST! Order now, Andrew is GREAT A++++”~ Prriya Calay
Client Photo, Prriya Calay
Facebook Cover Photo Design for DJ Sobanjo
“Andrew is simply briliant. It's been an absolute pleasure working with this guy. I'm pretty certain in a couple of weeks he's going to have to start to reject work as he gets an avalanche of customers wanting him to design timeline covers for them. Thanks for a brilliant job.”~ DJ Sobanjo
Client Photo, DJ Sobanjo
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Yasko Kawamura
“Thank you for the super quick, excellent job! Andrew is very easy to work with and really gets what you want. Thank you for the extra tip on upload too. I highly recommend his gig. :-)”~ Yasko Kawamura | Owner of Bliss Squared Massage
Client Photo, Yasko Kawamura
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Vanea Bell
“I am very excited about this great cover! Very impressed and satisfied. Thank you, Andrew! I will surely try many other awesome covers from you!”~ Vanea Bell
Client Photo, Vanea Bell
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Judy Dudich
“Andrew Davis is amazingly talented and works so quickly! I could not believe what he was able to accomplish with the few photos that I sent to him! In fact, he went BEYOND what I had imagined we could do! Add to that, the extremely low price that Mr. Davis charges his clients, I don't see how anyone can resist! I LOVE my Facebook Cover! He gets 5 stars in my book!”~ Judy Dudich | Author, Speaker, Business Owner
Client Photo, Judy Dudich
Facebook Cover Photo Design for dscBob
“Great designs and fast service. Andrew was patient, polite and keen to please. Get your orders placed because I just know you will be glad you did. Thanks again”~ dscBob
Client Photo, dscBob
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Ashley A
“A+ --- Went ABOVE AND BEYOND --- Totally worked with me. Gave great suggestions. VERY TALENTED... WELL WORTH the Price and MORE!!!!! SOO IMPRESSED.”~ Ashley A
Client Photo, Ashley A
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Richie DeMatteo
“Absolutely amazing work... Even though I had no idea what I wanted, Andrew developed a great cover that I couldn't have dreamed up. Will be going to him monthly for new cover photos! Thanks.”~ Richie DeMatteo | Co-Founder of Bad Rhino, Inc
Client Photo, Richie DeMatteo
Facebook Cover Photo Design for MarieGrace Velayo-Berg
“Thanks Andrew! Love it! I'm proud of your work. My friends on FB love my new timeline. I have recommended them to you as well.”~ MarieGrace Velayo-Berg
Client Photo, MarieGrace Velayo-Berg
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Jake Lamante
“Andrew's design work is excellent. I told him what I wanted, and he worked with me until I was fully satisfied. He put a large amount of time into the job. Huge value. Also, excellent follow through with my questions once the job was complete. Best seller I've encountered on Fiverr!”~ Jake Lamante
Client Photo, Jake Lamante
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Tora Cullip
“I'm so impressed with Andrew's work! So helpful, creative and willing to please! Highly recommended!!”~ Tora Cullip
Client Photo, Tora Cullip
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Joshua Joseph
“Nice work! Could easily charge more for this.”~ Joshua Joseph
Client Photo, Joshua Joseph
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Lisa Saline
“Wow, fast service, great ideas and a professional design. We appreciate your ability to take our input and create something that fits the page well. Thank you”~ Saline Motorsports
Client Photo, Lisa Saline
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Shannon Donahue
“FacebookCovers did an excellent job. They responded quickly and utilized my input to create a wonder cover page. Thank you for the excellent job you did Andrew!”~ Shannon Donahue
Client Photo, Shannon Donahue
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Marco Pinheiro
“I loved the Cover! I wasn't sure about what I wanted, but this team helped me with everything and did an incredibly great job. I congratulate them!”~ Marco Pinheiro
Client Photo, Marco Pinheiro
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Denise Miranda
“The flowers and butterflies are marvelous, I feel like I'm in a magic place. Couldn't ask for more!”~ Denise Miranda
Client Photo, Denise Miranda
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Stan Smith - The Perfect Storm Team
“Andrew delivered a perfect cover and he is friendly as well as professional. You can trust him to do the same for you!!!!”~ Stan Smith | Co-founder of The Perfect Storm Team
Client Photo, Stan Smith - The Perfect Storm Team
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Tamekia Evans
“Thank you again!! I shall return...with friends!!!! Can I buy you a cup of coffee?”~ Tamekia Evans
Client Photo, Tamekia Evans
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Tom Sweetman
“So far this has been my best Fiverr. Andrew has been amazing and his work is incredible. Excellent job, fast service, gave lots of value.”~ Tom Sweetman
Client Photo, Tom Sweetman
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Eva Gregory
“Love the facebook covers you created for me, Andrew. Your service is impeccable and you are a delight to work with. I'm recommending your services!”~ Eva Gregory
Client Photo, Eva Gregory
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Fabio Serpa
“This Facebook Cover picture is awesome. Cool effects and great design. I totally recommeded everyone to get one of these for their Profile.”~ Fábio Serpa
Client Photo, Fabio Serpa
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Ermioni BonJovi Drygianaky
“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Great work! I love my cover!! ♥”~ Ermioni BonJovi Drygianaky
Client Photo, Ermioni BonJovi Drygianaky
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Randy Stuppard
“Absolutley amazing work. Andrew hit the mark on the first try. I love it! (Not him, I like him. I love the work.)”~ Randy Stuppard
Client Photo, Randy Stuppard
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Peppi-Emilia Salmi
“The design is beautiful and simple. It describes me and my favourite things. So I think when people look at the design they get to know me a little more.”~ Emilia
Client Photo, Peppi-Emilia Salmi
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Srinivas Rao
“I hired Andrew and all I call can say is the blogosphere is going to keep him busy. I was blown away with the quality of his work and even asked him for work on some of my other projects. People on my FB wall are already asking about who made it. I highly recommend his work.”~ Srinivas Rao
Client Photo, Srinivas Rao
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Samantha Yanco
“I love my Facebook timeline cover! I had a vision, and Andrew made it reality. The process was so easy, and worth every penny! I will definitely go back to FacebookCovers whenever I want to try something new. And I've already told all my friends to use it, too!”~ Samantha Yanco
Client Photo, Samantha Yanco
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Joseph Puckett
“Andrew did a terrific job creating my facebook cover photo. He took just a few pictures and logos and turned them into a professional 'first impression' for visitors who view my facebook page. The price is great and the service is fast and reliable. I'll definitely recommend FacebookCovers to others!”~ Joseph Puckett | Vice President of Wiggins Agencies
Client Photo, Joseph Puckett
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Suzana
“I LOVE my new Facebook Cover Photo! It's so Beautiful and Exciting! Thank you so very much Andrew!!! ♥”~ Suzana
Client Photo, Suzana
Facebook Cover Photo Design for Andrew Davis
“We are as excited about each Facebook Cover Photo Design as you are! Ready to serve you with our Best of our Abilities!”~ Andrew Davis | Founder of FacebookCovers
Client Photo, Andrew Davis