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Sometimes you think you know someone and then they tell you something you cannot comprehend.

Like this guy that I work with, I was making some snarky joke about nickelback, and he says, hey I like nickelback!

I just wasn't sure what to think at that point.
Nebula · 41-45, F
Oh god, they would sometimes come on the radio at my old job, and a few people would sing along. I was disgusted
Nebula · 41-45, F
@LordShadowfire hahahahaha
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@Nebula Ya know, 🤔 "swamp land" just might be a better description.

@LordShadowfire Now I do not know what that is about the cigarette butt but it sounds preeettty gross.
Nebula · 41-45, F
The worst thing that has ever infiltrated my eardrums is country rap. This girl I worked with loved it and played her playlist one day. This guy came out of the shipping area yelling "What in tarnation is this shit?!?" Hahahaha. Don't even get curious about it, I'm warning you
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@Nebula Have you noticed though that the worse someone's taste in music, the more they want the rest of the world to listen to it too?
Nebula · 41-45, F
@SilkenMist this other guy we worked.with always wanted to listen to UFO, they were pretty rockin though
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@Nebula Not bad. :)
I have no feelings about Nickelback whatsoever but it's entertaining to watch people lose shit over them. 😂
SarithBorn · 18-21, M
Some of the songs are ok but i wouldn't put myself in the nickleback club as of yet. 🤣
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
What's wrong with Nickelback?
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@LordShadowfire Oh my GYOD. You of all people would be into nickelback. 🙄

Do I laugh or cry at this point?
* shudders* you truly never know anyone 😳
Matt85 · 36-40, M
Damn, the path is narrow these days.😞
Fairydust · F
Disown him…. 🫣
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Probably not the most discerning music fan.
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@uncalled4 He is one of those "Juggalo" types. Ummm, yeah. 😐

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